Tuesday 30 May 2017

7 Songs That Were Written Just For Me

Have you ever heard a song and just knew it was written for you? The composer may have never met you but they know you, they know your name. They include your name in their lyrics. Their lyrics are sometimes wonderful, like poetry - and sometimes dire but it has your name in it so it was definitely written for you.

This is my list of songs written for me.

Songs fall into two groups - those I love and want to be about me and those that are always played at the works party or at wedding receptions. The song comes on, someone knows it's "my song" and thinks I'd love to dance, I feel obliged to get up, move my arms and legs then have another drink.

There are songs out there that were written for you too. They may not always have your name in the lyrics but when you hear them you just know they were written for you.

7 Songs that Were Written Just for me

1. You're So Vain - Carly Simon

Well of course this has to be number one. This song was written for me in 1972, when I was 16. it was written in anticipation that one day I would write a list of songs about me.


Mmmm yes I do actually.

2. Sally Down Our Alley - Gracie Fields

When I was little my grandparents, my aunties and in fact anyone who was alive during the second world war would sing this to me. I felt it was written for me but never really understood why. I didn't live down an alley, surely only alley cats live in an alley?


3. Mustang Sally - Wilson Picket

This is the one - it's always played at weddings and someone always thinks I'd love to get up and dance. Oh dear... what is it about and why was it written for me?


4. Long Tall Sally - Little Richard

This is slightly better, it has a nice rhythm but we are now going into my adult years where Sally is a bit of a girl, and that alley pops up again. 

Sally - Alley. Maybe nothing else rhymes?


5. It's My Party and I'll Cry If I want To - Dave Stewart and Barbra Gaskin

Although this doesn't name me this is me in a nutshell. It's all about me, it's my party and if I don't get exactly what I want I shall cry...very loudly!


6. Don't Look Back In Anger - Oasis

I mention this song as it has my name and it's a great song. Sadly Sally is being left again, maybe in an alley but thankfully the alley isn't mentioned. 


7. Baba O'Reilly - The Who

Finally we get to my favourite song. This was written in 1972 when I was 15 and it felt like The Who understood teenagers. 

I love the line 

Sally take my hand, we'll travel south across land...

In 1974 I got married and hitched hiked to Greece, this was us.


These are my songs, written for me even though the composers do not know who I am. Are there any songs out there that were written for you?


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  1. The only song I can think with my name in is Kim by Eminem. All about him murdering his girlfriend called Kim. Eek! lol

    1. Haha! Stay safe! I am a bit of a loose woman it seems hehe


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