Monday 29 May 2017

Our Weekly Journal 29th May 2017 - A Heatwave and the Manchester Bombing

Start the day with a good breakfast. Toast with Marmite. Love it or hate it. We're lovers, are you?

Our Weekly Journal 29th May 2017 - A Heatwave and the Manchester Bombing

We started the week on Monday catching the bus into town and visiting Cardiff castle. This was a big event as Grandad hasn't been out with us for 5 weeks after having his hip replacement. We decided on the Cardiff castle as it is quite close to the bus stop so not too much walking.

Bear and I revisited the WWII shelters and enjoyed coffee and cake from the little cafe. It was a lovely day.

Bear in Cardiff Castle tunnels

Bear looking at the trebuchet at Cardiff Castle

Then we woke on Tuesday to the most terrible news that a suicide bomber had murdered children in Manchester. Young people attending a concert were targeted and as I woke 19 were dead, that figure rose as the day wore on.

We had already decided to stay home as Grandad was tired from our adventure on Monday but I was grateful. I didn't really want to visit anywhere, not through fear but just through sadness. So many families will not be able to have another day out. Every waking moment will be full of grief and sadness.

Grandad loves baking and Bear loves to help. We have a bread maker and it also makes dough so the hard work is done for you. Grandad made pizzas with Bear. He just loved rolling out the dough. Grandad couldn't stop him so they could finish the pizzas, but a little bit of dough torn off, that he could play with, did the trick.

Making pizzas
We had a short walk out to the shop and on the way home Bear was very impressed with a spectacular rock rose.

"What is it?" he asked
"A rock rose and the yellow one is a Choisya"

He repeated their names in his own way - that is missing the endings from the words.



Wednesday and Thursday we had the most gorgeous weather, a real heatwave. We got the gazebo up, the sun block on and Bear sat in the paddling pool. He then decided he didn't like wet clothes and stripped naked (so no more pictures) Grandad brought the potty out and he wee'd in it four or five times. not once making a mistake. Then I put him in swimming trunks and he wet himself, oh well, its a start.



Too much fun, too much water just takes it out of a toddler. Bear has only fallen asleep on the sofa once. If he's not in bed then he doesn't sleep. On Thursday he snuggled up to me and crashed. He slept for an hour, he was just so tired.


It was a sombre week, full of bad news. Bear is too young to know that something happened but sadly there are many children who have seen the news and know, or worse still know someone who was involved. I hope you and yours are safe, my thoughts go out to all who were affected by the Manchester bomb.

If you have children affected by the events in Manchester I found this guide from the Independent with some good advice. Remember there is also Childline xx



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