Wednesday 3 May 2017

Slimming World Weigh In #17

Slimming World Weigh In #17

This is the second week of doing all the cooking and meal planning as Mr P is recuperating. After my big loss last week (3.5lbs) I have high hopes for this week. Well I would if I hadn't been a little bit naughty. It was my wedding anniversary and as we couldn't go out we had a takeaway delivered. Before I started Slimming World I would have a Chicken Biryani but this time I chose Tandoori Chicken. I was very good and scraped off the sauce and had it with the salad the restaurant provided. I think I may be one of the few people that have actually eaten all the takeaway salad! Naughtily they added a few popadoms for free, and I couldn't resist so ate a quarter of one.
I also had a chocolate biscuit, a couple of chocolate coins (I found them in the cupboard and I have no resistance once I've already broken the rules) and a packet of Pom Bear crisps. All of these are totally OK if the Syns are counted, but I didn't count I just ate.

How Am I doing This week?

I don't know! I got up had a shower and then remembered I needed to weigh in. I weighed the same, so I'm guessing that I lost weight, whatever my hair weighs when wet. It's not very long so I'd say half a pound at the most. I couldn't believe I'd done it. I always weigh first thing and before I shower. Oh well. Maybe it was for the best as I had a takeaway, a chocolate biscuit and fresh stuffed pasta this week so I was expecting to stay the same and any loss is a bonus.

What Have I Eaten This Week?




Peppered mackerel with new potatoes and salad
Baked potato with cheese and spring onion
Cold lamb, salad and new potatoes
Cold roast pork, salsa and roast vegetables
Beef, salad with Slimming World potato salad
Chicken stir fry with noodles
Smoked haddock, asparagus with Mexican rice


Mexican chicken, salsa, new potatoes
*Indian takeaway chicken tandoori with green salad
*Pasta with cheese sauce and broccoli
Slow cooked lamb, cous cous and roasted vegetables
Slimming World ready meal chicken biryani with chicken saag
Roast chicken, roast potatoes and parsnips with mashed swede and carrots.

*Tandoori chicken isn't as high in Syns as other Indian Takeaways and I scraped all the onions and sauce off. If you fancy Tandoori that isn't full of Syns try my Garlic Chicken recipe
*This is the off the shelf pasta with ready made cheese sauce. I just had a little sauce and it still has loads of Syns but I needed something quick and this only takes a few minutes.

In Between

Brazil nuts
Pom Bear crisps
Müller light yoghurt
Chocolate biscuit

Total Syns this week = 80
Total weight loss = Stayed the same

Main picture; Chicken stir fry with noodles; Top right anti clockwise; Peppered mackerel with new potatoes and salad; Mexican chicken, salsa, new potatoes; Cold roast pork, salsa and roast vegetables; Baked potato with cheese and spring onion; Slimming World potato salad; Slimming World ready meal chicken biryani with chicken saag; Slow cooked lamb, cous cous and roasted vegetables

I do not have a best meal of the week as this week I am reviewing the Slimming World ready meals available at Iceland. These meals I purchased myself just to have something in the freezer that I could have ready quickly and not be tempted to eat naughty food like pasta with cheese sauce! I will link to the review here when it is published later this week ( I still have one or two items to try).




  1. We both stayed the same then! Hopefully we'll both have awesome weeks and lose next week xx

  2. You're doing so well Sally! Healthy eating meals are not always easy to think about eating yourself when you are caring for a patient and looking after a toddler. x


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