Monday 4 April 2016

A Wish, A Kiss and A Dragon

A Wish, A Kiss and A Dragon sums up our week. It was my birthday last Sunday and I was lucky enough to get two bouquets. Bear loves flowers so I have them caged behind the fire guard! He had tried and tried to get hold of one so I took a rose from the vase, cut it short and gave it to him. He kissed it.

A Wish, A Kiss and a Dragon. Toddler kissing a red rose
A Kiss

A Wish?

Bear always wants to get into water, or throw stones and sticks into it. This week he had his wish fulfilled so many times. Firstly in Cefn Onn Park and because of the rain there were loads of muddy puddles.

"Yes you may get your boots muddy."


"It's OK. Wellies are supposed to get wet and muddy"

"O Oh"

"It's OK honestly"

Toddler near muddy puddle looking at feet

Toddler walking away with a not happy face
I just don't want my shiny lovely wellies getting muddy! So I'm off to find a stream.

A Wish, A Kiss and a Dragon. Toddler looking through railings at a stream
Now that's the stream I wish I could play in
toddler bent over playing in stream
Mmm, it's OK for stones but I wish it was deeper...

toddler walking in stream
That's better! Up to my knees

Then in the garden. Bear found a tray full of lovely clean rainwater. Perfect for a splash.

toddler wearing adult shoes and trying to turn on tap
I know water comes out of here. I wish I could turn it on.

Toddler stood in plant tray full of water
This is better! Clean water

A Dragon? 

We went to Caerphilly Castle to see the dragon. It's a smoke billowing dragon. Would we dare to meet the dragon? Was Bear brave enough? You can read more about our visit to see the dragon here.

close up of toddler looking into distance
I wish there was a dragon at the castle.

A Wish, A Kiss and a Dragon. Dragon and castle behind
The Dragon

toddler next to dragons head
Ok seen the dragon lets go. Quick before he starts smoking again!

giant holding up castle. Toddler trying to climb stones
While the giant holds up the tower I'll just step on these stones

toddler fast asleep in a cot
Dreaming of dragons and puddles?

What's new this week?

Nanny! Nanny! Nanny! Yes he said it!
The postman delivered some letters and Grandad asked Bear to take them to Nanny in the kitchen. He ran in holding the letters saying Nanny! Nanny! Now I have a name. My wish fulfilled this week and it doesn't get better than this.

Have you had any wishes fulfilled this week? I'd love to know.

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  1. Beautiful photos. Nothing better than splashing in muddy puddles x

    1. Thank you. He certainly can find them! I think he smells them from afar lol

  2. what as lovely week and some great outings for those little blue wellies. Water is such a magnet to children, splashing in it, trowing stones in and just watching it, it holds quite a spell over them, as do draggons! Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. He just hated getting them muddy! Loved splashing though


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