Tuesday 5 April 2016

Cosmeston Lakes Country Park and Medieval Village - A Toddler Explores

Cosmeston Lakes Country Park and Medieval Village is in the Vale of Glamorgan just south of Penarth. Although we live in Cardiff, just 5 miles away, we had never visited the village before so we were quite excited. The weather forecast was good for today so we decided to get out early and let Bear explore the village.

The Country Park is free to visit all year around and the Medieval Village is free daily from 10am to 12 mid day.

It is still the school Easter holidays here so we were expecting lots of children and families so were pleasantly surprised to find the large, free car park almost empty. We headed off to the village across a wooden boardwalk with an excited Bear shouting "Ducks! Ducks!" at every bird he saw.

Cosmeston Lakes Country Park and Medieval Village Entrance
Cosmeston Lakes Country Park and Medieval Village Entrance

Cosmeston Lakes Country Park and Medieval Village boardwalk through reeds
The boardwalk to the Medieval Village
The boardwalk is raised a foot or so above boggy ground therefore Bear wanted to step off every step or so to explore. Although in the picture it looks a long way it is only a few minutes walk. It is perfect for buggy's or wheelchairs and is off limits to dogs and cyclists. Throughout the Park there are little detours leading to viewpoints with explanation boards. 

The Medieval Village is very small, a perfect size for a toddler to explore. All the buildings are thatched and furnished as they would have been in 1350. It was as if people still lived there but had gone out for the day.

 Medieval Village Bakery
A Medieval cottage

 Medieval Village Church
Medieval Church
model of monk writing inside church
Bear kept waving at the monk but got no response. How rude!

Inside the Reeves cottage. Saws hanging up, logs stacked
Inside the Reeves cottage. Where's Bear?
toddler inside a cottage with wooden bed in background
Here he is!
Medieval pig pen inside with toddler in muddy puddle
Bear is supposed to be looking for pigs. Not splashing in muddy puddles.

toddler wearing wellies walking out of pig pen
Bear thoroughly explored the pig pen but was disappointed that he didn't find any pigs.

collage. Toddler looking to his right at old lady asleep in tatty bed
Shh! Shh! A peasant is fast asleep. 

Medieval pond with toddler pointing
Look! I found a pond.

Medieval well with thatched roof and toddler running away
Bear had a quick run around

toddler looking into well
What's down the well? Water and money.

toddler with head and hands through one hole in stocks
Let's see if I fit in the stocks. No, too little.

swan on water
Friendly wildlife

ducks on water through reeds
View across one of the lakes

toddler in high chair eating at a table
Bear enjoying a snack in the café after his busy morning.

Although the Medieval Village is very small Bear thoroughly enjoyed his little adventure and there is so much more to do around the lakes. Walks, bicycle rides, picnics, birdwatching to name a few. 

Would Bear go again? Definitely, but when he's a little older. There was a lot of open water that prevented Bear from running freely around the village and park. 

They have events in the Medieval Village when people dress as villagers and demonstrate the crafts of the time. I think that would be wonderful to see. Please check Cosmeston Lakes Country Park and Medieval Village website for details and opening times.

Have you been to Cosmeston? If so, what was your favourite part?

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  1. Love the thatch roofs and all the paraphernalia. It looks like Bear had a real fun adventure exploring all the buildings.

    1. It is very small only a handful of buildings but inside each it is wonderful. It feels like people lived there


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