Monday 11 April 2016

Painting, Peasants and Poo

Painting, Peasants and Poo sort of sums up our week. Bear wasn't well. He had been sick in bed at home and we weren't sure if it was coughing that had caused it or a bug. Then he had some nasty poo's. Lots of poo's. Poor Bear. It seems that as soon as he gets over one illness another hits him. On top of that teething. Life is hard for a toddler.

The weather had turned colder and very unpredictable. It was still school holidays so we decided to stay away from indoor activities and other children in case it was a bug.

We visited Cosmeston Country Park and Medieval Village where Bear was very amused to find an old lady peasant asleep in a very dirty bed.

Painting, Peasants and Poo. model of peasant in bed with furs
Old lady peasant asleep

Painting, Peasants and Poo. Toddler inside cottage with mud floor

We played in the hail storm.

toddler on decking in hail

We painted with potato stamps. Bear was fascinated to see that two triangles made a star!

toddler holding potato stamp over paper

toddlers face very, very close to paper. looking hard.

We cut and rolled playdough.

toddler with paint on hands using cutters on play dough

Bear then took a very small piece of play dough, climbed down from the chair and put it in his microwave oven. He pretended to press the numbers, looked in the window, and waited for it to cook. Ping! Ping! He sang.

toddler opening play kitchen microwave door
Put it in the oven and press the numbers

toddler waiting next to play kitchen
Just have to wait a moment 

toddler opening play kitchen microwave and peering in
Ping! Ping! Time to get it out

I was amazed because he does help us cook but we have not put things in his oven and pretended to cook it. Just an empty toy pan or plate. Well done Bear. Every day he surprises us.

toddler outside trying to lift heavy stone
No stone is too heavy for Bear

What's new this week?

Its so cute to hear Bear say without prompting;


When reading his book "Postman Bear" we turn the pages and lift the flaps and when we get to the correct page Bear will say Mole. He can also point at the pictures and say party, egg, Bear.

Grandad and I gave Bear his very first bath in our house. Lots of wet fun and a post bath selfie.

lady and toddler saying cheese. toddler wrapped in towel

We hope you have all been well this week. We are hoping for at least one good dry day next week so we can get out and explore. Do you have any ideas where we could visit?


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