Monday 25 April 2016

Singing, Star Wars and Spaghetti

Singing, Star Wars and Spaghetti! We've had a busy week. We started the week with Bear singing along with Aled Jones. Well Aled was on the TV and Bear just joined in, the picture is a bit blurry but too cute to leave out.

We've been hunting for treasure at Castell Coch, had fun on the swings and slide at our local playground and searched for Luke Skywalker at Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean.

You can read more about our visits by clicking the links above.

We did have a wonderful week. It was great watching Star Wars Episode VII on Saturday, it has a great fight scene filmed at Puzzlewood, we kept saying "we've been there!".

Singing, Star Wars and Spaghetti. toddler singing
Singing with Aled Jones 

Singing, Star Wars and Spagetti toddler in front of fairytale casle
Just about to go treasure hunting at Castell Coch

Singing, Star Wars and Spaghetti toddler on swing laughing at man on swing
Bear laughing at Grandad on a baby swing

toddler face down on slide

Puzzlewood Woodland scene
Luke! Luke! Where are you?

toddler running towards camera with rocks covered in plants
Bear running from something in the woods

toddler at picnic table
Bear looking at our picnic guest, a very friendly cat, at Puzzlewood

toddler kneeling next to adult looking at pyjama's
Bear and Grandad discussing the pattern on his pj's

toddler with red face and bowl of spagetti
Bear enjoying his spaghetti. Some actually got into his mouth

What's new this week?

Bear had his 18 month check up with the Health Visitor on Friday and she was really, really pleased with him. We are all so proud of him. Well done Bear and Mummy and Daddy too.

Bears speech is so good now, it's not just us that can understand him and he's really stringing words together.

Bear has a couple of made up words. For a long time he has called glasses (spectacles) lowers, like flowers but without the "f". No idea why.

He now calls milk a cross between miow and mow. It would rhyme with cow but it isn't cow.

We are hoping for nice weather next week so we can get out again and explore more places.

Where should we go next week?


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