Sunday 17 April 2016

A Birthday Card Even A Toddler Can Make

A birthday card even a toddler can make? That's a tall order unless you are happy for lots of mess! But it was a special birthday, Bears mummy's, so I wanted a card that Bear could make himself without me interfering.

I folded the card and wrote the greeting. Bear did everything else. He chose the stickers and placed them on the card.

What you will need;

A piece of card folded in half
Coloured pencils
A toddler

A Birthday Card Even A Toddler Can Make. A card with Happy Birthday Mummy and stickers on it
Birthday card and book mark

You could make one using potato stamps and paint but we wanted something a little different so decided on using stickers. I bought ours at Tesco's and Wilko's but lots of places sell them.

Bear's Mummy loves stars and owls. So that was our main theme with some pretty flowers too. Bear made a lovely bookmark to match.

1. Peel the stickers and place on the card. I let Bear chose his own and put them wherever he wanted.

toddler peeling stickers from backing paper

2. Once the card was looking beautiful I gave Bear coloured pencils and he drew inside. I just helped by writing a greeting on the front.

A toddler placing stickers on a pink card

3. To make the bookmark I cut a strip from a piece of card and Bear put stickers on. He also decorated the back with stars.

red card with one edge cut off

toddler placing owl stickers on bookmark

toddler placing stars on bookmark

All finished.

Bear loves stickers. I had also bought some animal stickers that he stuck onto card just for fun. I loved the way that nearly all the animals were up the right way. Only one little chick was "down" as Bear repeated until he sorted it out.

toddler placing sticky foam animal shapes on green card

I let Bear design his own card. I was amazed that he had so carefully placed each sticker. I wanted an instant effect that was mess free but you could also make a lovely card with cut out shapes stuck on with glue.

I'm always looking for easy crafts to do with Bear, I don't mind messy, have you any you could share?



  1. Aww! How adorable...Kids are always so crazy about stickers aren't they. hehehe

    1. I expected a total mess but he placed them all so carefully x


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