Friday 25 September 2015

First Steps

Bear is now 11½ months old. I can't believe in 2 weeks he'll be one! Each week just flies by. 

Baby in red and yellow tent peeping out the door

So what can Bear do now?


We have Bear 3 days a week so the chances were that he would take his first steps with us. I had already decided that if he did I would keep quiet and not mention it. Luckily I didn't have to, he waited until he got home on Tuesday evening and took his first steps with mummy and daddy. Proud moment! 

He can drink, bash things together or clap whilst standing.

Bear has really good balance. He's been standing alone for a while but he can also do it whilst drinking from his sippy cup, or bashing things together or whilst clapping. He now knows he can do it whereas before he just forgot to hold on.

Baby bending down
Blurry action shot!

He can tease.

He has a new trick. He holds something out towards us and waits until we lean to take it, he then pulls it away laughing. We have no idea how he learnt this as none of us tease him and he has no siblings to teach him this. Is this just a development babies go through? Did he work it all out for himself?

He can get off things backwards.

He loves climbing especially onto the sofa and the footstool so we decided to teach him to turn around and lower himself off them backwards. He now does it like a pro! He's up and down in a flash only needing reminding occasionally to turn around. I still wouldn't leave him but it's so much easier than when he was launching himself off head first.

baby looking straight at camera

He can understand everything.

I mean everything! He may only speak in baby babble but he understands every word said to him. 

For example;

Bear was sat in the sunshine on the kitchen floor I said hot and he pointed at the kettle.

Baby sat in washing basket

He was playing climbing the stairs when his parents pulled into the close 
"who's at the door?" I said. He stopped. Put his arms up to be picked up. Pointed at the door, looked at me and pointed at the door. 
Big smile on his face as we walked to the door and opened it. There was mummy walking down the drive. He knew she would be there.

blurred baby crawling away from stairs

Swearing has been taboo but even more now as he listens too, watching how my mouth moves when I say a word, getting me to repeat it again and again until he's got it. Then he says it once, is happy with how it sounds and carries on with something else.

He can throw a perfect tantrum.

Bear doesn't know that he should wait until he's 2 to throw the perfect tantrum. He thinks it's ok to do it now.

He has perfected everything. 

The arched back. 
The open mouth.
The ear piercing screech.
The *real* tears.

Ahh! He hasn't learnt to stomp yet. That's one for next time.

He can say "Kettle".

He can say kettle, or as Bear says it dettle.  

He can say "Blanket".

Well he can say dankdet. His mummy is really good at croquet and she has been making some lovely baby blankets

He can say "water".

Bear was drinking water at lunchtime and I said "water" he stared at me waiting for me to repeat it, "water" I said again, and again. He then said "water" had a drink and, as usual, threw his sippy cup to the floor. 

He can say "pasta".

Bear hates pasta. I'm sure he's learnt the word pasta so when he's asked what he wants to eat he can say "NOT PASTA!".

He can say "woof".

Ok so it's not really a word but he knows dogs say it. He is very choosy over his words, he can say dog but doesn't. I think he prefers woof.

He can say "brrrm".

Just like "woof" it's not really a word but he knows it goes with cars and he chooses not to say car.

baby on floor playing with toy car

I say he chooses not to say car and dog because there are some words I know he could say but refuses to.

Nanny! Nanna!  Anything like that. Why wouldn't he say that? He says gandad. 

I know he can say it. I think he's teasing me.


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