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Prestige Flowers For Valentines Day - A Review


Prestige Flowers For Valentines Day - A Review

Any one who knows me is aware that I just love flowers, fresh bouquets or potted plants, in the garden or in the house. I just love them. I was delighted to be asked to review a Prestige Flowers* Valentines Day bouquet and they came with chocolates too.

My flowers arrived next day by Royal Mail in a huge box. I kid you not, the box was at least two foot high. Tucked inside were the most beautiful roses. As soon as I opened the box I could smell the fragrance of the dozen roses. They were nestled inside black tissue with hypericum berries and folded aspidistra leaves. The whole effect was beautifully romantic.

The Valentine flowers were safe inside this lovely big box from Prestige Flowers

Gorgeous roses wrapped in black

The roses just shone in the winter sunshine

Chocolates too!

The flowers were very long stemmed and not very stable in the bag and tissue so I opened them up and to my delight a box of chocolates fell out, four handmade truffles. Not surprisingly these didn't last very long at all.

The ends of the stems were wrapped in a damp sponge and the flowers looked perfect. Not a petal or leaf was wilting. Full instructions and food come with the bouquet and just placing them in a vase they looked gorgeous.

The roses were as if made from luxury velvet

The bouquet comes with a flower care guide, a gift card with a message and an opportunity to win a years supply of flowers

I love my bouquet and if you are looking for flowers for Valentines these would make a perfect gift.

My bouquet was Prestige Flowers medium Allure with free chocolates and a gift card starting at £39.99 for a small bouquet. For an extra cost you can choose medium or large bouquets and add a vase, a teddy or balloon.

Allure from Prestige Flowers looking beautiful on my dining room table

I loved my Valentine Flowers bouquet and wouldn't hesitate in using Prestige Flowers again. Are you a flower lover?

*Disclaimer. I was sent these flowers for the purpose of a review. All opinions are honest and my own.

UPDATE: I have had the flowers for over a week and have neglected them badly. I even let the water get a little low but they are still looking good. I have two dead roses but I think their stems were out of the water, the rest look beautiful. Some of the berries have gone from red to black and still look lovely. 

The roses that survived my neglect look amazing, a couple have gone darker at the edges and two died.




  1. Aww! They are gorgeous! So pretty!
    I am hoping for a nice bunch for Valentines day. hehehe

    1. They truly are beautiful and each day look better. I hope you get some, I love flowers

  2. I love flowers. And just look at those roses 🌹. I got my mum some flowers from Prestige recently and she loved them. Excellent quality.

    1. Glad your mum loved them, mine are gorgeous and look better every day as the roses slowly open.

  3. They look amazing. Maybe I should casually leave your review open on my hubby's desktop in time for Valentine's Day haha!

  4. They look amazing. Maybe I should casually leave your review open on my hubby's desktop in time for Valentine's Day haha!

  5. Such pretty flowers! What a lovely treat to receive those at your door! xx

  6. I'm not a fan of flowers and i hate valentines day too. Those chocolates do look really good x

  7. I've not heard of prestige before. The flowers are gorgeous. I love the fact that it comes with a flower care guide. That's very handy x

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