Monday 23 January 2017

Our Weekly Journal 23rd Jan 2017


Our Weekly Journal 23rd Jan 2017

We started the week with a first for us. Bear was playing with his trains, he was still in his PJs and he counted his trains 1-2-3-right up to 10! Then he did it again. I quickly got my phone to record him and he stayed silent. Then after prompting he counted 4-5-6..... he just wouldn't start from one again. Since then I have caught him counting many times but not  from one to ten so clearly. He obviously can do it but doesn't want prompting.

The weather was grey and Grandad had a couple of appointments, so we didn't travel far. We did venture out between the showers looking for puddles. To our surprise even the known places for decent stomping puddles were dry. We did find a friendly cat though.

All dressed up ready for some big puddles to splash in

A friendly cat who was happy to rub against our legs

Not enough water for a really good splash in a puddle

Not enough water in the stream for Pooh Sticks either

This is a pose. It's Bear saying "Cheese"

Bear has dropped his afternoon nap most days so I am doing odd jobs with him rather than whilst he's sleeping. One was changing the bed. Bear helped by playing on my exercise bike and looking out the window. We counted cars and said their colours.

"What colour is the sky?"  "White" he said. I looked out and it was, low cloud and no blue to be seen at all.

Enjoying my bike and it makes him the perfect height to look out the window

A selfie in the bedroom mirror

Bear was suffering from a cold and teething. Whenever he gets uncomfortable with teeth he becomes contrary. He will ignore us, run away, do things he knows are naughty. Like grabbing Grandads phone or when we were painting, he painted his apron and then his hands. Painting hands isn't naughty, we do that a lot to do hand prints but if you look at his face, he had no intention to do hand prints, oh no! He wanted to wash his hands in the sink and that's a whole different story.

We also went shopping. Bear ran around, ran away, just didn't comply at all. Even bribery didn't work. Our local Sainsburys has a resident cat, the cat even has its own Facebook page, he didn't want to play and warned Bear with a cuff from his paw. Bear ignored the warning and followed the cat when he ran away. I had to pick Bear up shouting as he would have ended up scratched or worse. This is totally out of character as Bear has a cat and is fully aware of what a scratch feels like. I put it down to him teething. Afterwards we gave Nurofen and he was back to his adorable self again.

Mine! Mine! No, it's Grandads

Sainsburys cat is not up for stroking today

Hand painting but only so he can play in the sink with water

Below a quick video, it's only a few seconds long, of Bear painting his hands and asking to wash them.

Whats New this Week?

Well other than counting up to ten, twice, he has been chatting away. Bear is by nature a quiet boy, he's never been very chatty but he understands everything. He understands above, under, below, next to and so on and has done for months. I didn't even realise that this was an achievement as he's always seemed to understand these abstract directions.

He is now mimicking everything and proving Mummy and Daddy right that swearing is OUT around him, we have done our best not to curse but sometimes Grandad and I do forget (slapped wrists).

His latest phrases are "open sesame" - to allow him through between the sofas and "no way José", both copying Grandad.

Grandad called out the other day and asked if I wanted parmesan on my pasta, "yes please" I called back and Bear shouted "me too"!

And finally he can open doors. It will be a nightmare as he can now get into the downstairs toilet and the first thing he did, you guessed it, he pulled the toilet paper off the roll and scrunched it up, I just caught him before he flushed it and blocked the toilet. He laughed, he knew he was being a rascal!

I hope you have had a good week and not had any of the nasty colds and viruses going around.


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  1. It looks like a great happy day spent with a cute little boy !!
    Beautiful photos !!


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