Monday 9 January 2017

Our Weekly Journal 9th Jan 2017


It has been quite warm this winter so far and surprisingly sunny, until this week. The sun has stayed but my it is cold! We still ventured out all wrapped up to enjoy the sunshine. Roath Park is a favourite, it's not far and quite flat so Grandad can walk a bit with us. The lake had big areas covered in ice with the seagulls enjoying a walk about.

Look up at Nanny Haha! Not that high!
Bear had a packet of cheesy mini-bites that he was enjoying until the geese decided they wanted some, I had to pick him up and give him a cuddle. Those geese are scary when you are big let alone when they are as tall as you.

The geese did like to follow us but I was safe, I had Bear.

Bear preferred to watch the weir...

....or the ducks from the safety of being behind the railings

On Tuesday Bear had a real tantrum when we went to change his nappy, he really went for it. Real tears the lot. I have no idea why as the next day he was as good as gold. I will never understand toddlers.

What would I do without an iPad?
We also managed to visit our little park but oh it was cold and I didn't want to hang around for long although chasing Bear on his balance bike really did warm me up.

Just a little wobbly after not being on his bike for ages but he soon found his balance again

Bear loved this climbing frame, he could sit on it and using his feet make it spin.

We have been watching the programmes I recorded over Christmas. Bears favourite is Stickman. I hadn't seen it before and it is a lovely story. Just as we left the park we had a little look for Stickman and to Bears delight we found one. He was a bit sad that Stickman had fallen out of his tree house though.
Oh no! Poor Stickman, he's not at home with his family

Up there! That's where Stickman lives.
On Thursday we took down all the Christmas decorations, Bear loved helping but wasn't so keen on getting dressed.

Bear loved throwing the delicate decorations into the box but was distracted by Monsters University

Helping Grandad take the trimmings from the tree


The crisp cold days have given us beautiful blue skies and the most glorious sunsets. These pictures were taken just minutes apart and the moon can just be seen in the second.


Whats New This Week?

I seem to say it every week but Bear is really chattering away now. Soon it will be whole sentences and I will be wishing him silent. He has so much more confidence too, he will copy whatever I say regardless of how difficult. Serendipity, no problem. Although he is at his finest when giving orders

"Knees, Grandad, play"

"Up! Up! Now! Come Nanny"

"My toy!"

"No tickle"

And the best of all "Eat! Eat!" Somewhere he has found an appetite and is eating like a toddler should. Asking for food, clearing his plate and wanting more. I do not know what has changed but we love it. Maybe he will get a bit of fat on his little skinny body.

In the news there has been Arctic conditions across Europe, as far south as the Peloponnese in Greece and Italy too, with lots of snow. America has had it bad too with snow in the deep south. No wonder is has been cold here. Now I do not want lots, just an inch, just a flurry of snow. Not enough to stop or mess with transport but a little so Bear can make a snowman.

Have you been out and about or have you been curled up in front of a fire watching TV? 



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