Monday 15 August 2016

The Beach, The Bay and Blowing Bubbles


The Beach,The Bay and Blowing Bubbles

Well we've had a really busy week we went back to the beach at Ogmore and I got soaked in the waves, it was so much fun and Bear just loved the foam on the sea and the rock pools. He found a ball too.

Up on the hill by the beach the wind was really blowing so we wrapped Bear up and ate our picnic. The wind kept trying to blow his hood off so he kept giving it a helping hand by tilting his head back. This game lasted ages.



Bear practised blowing bubbles too. He hasn't been able to do it without help, us turning the wand or blowing for him but this time I thought I'd let him do it alone. He has such determination, he just didn't give up and blew, and blew and blew. There's a short (and bad) video at the bottom of him blowing bubbles. When Grandad told him to turn the wand to blow the bubbles he put it in the pot and turned it closed, so cute!


The weather was good all week although some days were grey it mostly stayed dry. Bear for some reason, known only to himself, likes to stand in the plant tray.


Grandad decided to make a gate for the top of the steps as we couldn't find one the correct size. Bear likes to help. He prodded every screw that had been painted over too.



Wednesday is the Flea Market in Abergavenny. I like to go and have a browse just to see what bric-a-brac they are selling. It's a lovely market town too. Bear wasn't his usual self, teething we think, so this was not a great success! We took him up to the castle where he could run around to his hearts content. I don't know why but there was a tree wrapped in knitted squares. This intrigued Bear too.



On Thursday we visited Cardiff Bay and Techniquest. We were invited to Techniquest free and it was amazing. Bear got so excited and just didn't know what to play with first. The best thing is that nothing is out of bounds. It is designed for children so every exhibit is interactive. Even the adults had fun.



What's new this week?

Bears language is coming on leaps and bounds. He knows how to use his vocabulary to ask for things and to explain whats wrong. On Monday, in the car to us, he told his Mummy that "teeth hurt".

He still misses bits off the beginning or ends of words, which makes it a bit tricky to understand, but he is very patient with us and just repeats it until we get it right.

He is trying to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep and he loves doing all the signs and singing along with The Wheels on the Bus. He also does the hands in the air for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

He can say his name which is really hard as it is a few syllables.

He also said Minion's when I gave him the bubbles, that's quite hard to say too.

This week the weather is forecast as hot and sunny for Monday and Tuesday so I think it will be lots of water in the garden. The rest of the week may be raining but we have some games ready to keep him amused.

What's your plans for this week?

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