Monday 1 August 2016

40 Reasons Why My Stat's Don't Matter To Me

Tot's 100 has just updated with their new algorithm but nobody really cares. I honestly don't know why they bother because nobody thinks it's important. I mean, we all blog because we love it. Hold on a sec while I just have a peep, I don't actually care, I'm just interested.

Oh sh*t!! Down more than 500 places. It must be wrong, log out, try again. Damn.

Nope, I really don't care....

I'll have a look at twitter that will cheer me up, not that I actually care of course.

Oh up a million places to top 100 and only started blogging last week  #tots100 

*smiles nicely and tweets nice things whilst banging head on wall*

Honestly, it's just numbers. I usually don't look, but, well maybe just another peep. Oh no! Nearly 700 places.
Congratulations, you were ranked #1165 in the July 2016 charts! Loser! 

40 Reasons Why My Stat's Don't Matter To Me

1.  Stats don't matter to me. I blog because I love it
2.  I went up this week/month
3.  I'm higher than that blogger who's been around ages
4.  I just don't worry about the numbers
5.  I don't do paid work so it doesn't matter
6.  I never actually check them. "Down 700 places!!" *sobs*
7.  I'm still quite new, they'll rise soon *looks for bottle of wine*
8.  I write "quality content" so I don't have to worry
9.  I have a very small niche so only I read my blog, but it's very good
10. 700 places!! That can't be right, let me check again. *looks for corkscrew*
11. I don't care it's out of 8,000 bloggers
12. I wonder what it feels like to be number 8000?
13. I'll probably find out next up-date
14. I don't actually check my stats *where is the bl**dy corkscrew?*
15. My DA is good though
16. Damn down another point
17. Klout, I'm fab at Klout
18. What do you mean it's not part of Tots100 anymore?!!
19. All I have done to get my Klout score up and it means NOTHING!
20. DOWN 700 PLACES!! I don't believe it, I may tweet them to check it
21. What if it's wrong and it's worse?
22. I'll keep quiet *finds corkscrew*
23. I could just lie. Hey guy's I'm 101 in Tots up-date
24. Oh you're 101, sorry I meant I'm 102
25. Congratulations lovely *fingers crossed behind my back* I know, just out of the top 100, it's a shame
26. It's not showing on my badge? Oh must be something wrong with my gadget, html, like thingy
27. Grrr smarty pants
29. They should chuck out 7,999 bloggers I'd be number 1 then *looks for glass*
30. I just don't think it's important if you are a serious writer
31. My blog must be shit
32. 700 places.
33. Where's the wine? *pours big glassful of lovely wine, I deserve it*
34. I'll just check fb see how my real blogging friends got on
35. Ohh up, that's nice *drinks wine*
36. Down? oh that's sad *sniggers behind hand, drinks wines*
37. Oh down just one place, how annoying for you *drinks more wine*
38. I work soooo hard *opens another bottle, drinks wine*
39.  I juzzt not gonna fink 'boutit. Don't care.
40. I luv u all *hic*
41. I hate zzzzzzzz hic
42. *sobbing* it snot fair

42? U really really read this far? U r my bestest friend *hic* Lub you. What's ur tots score? Zzzzzz



  1. You made me laugh! Thank you. As someone who had an amazing score for the first time in ages, but a ranking that seems to have fallen into a deep, deep ravine, I can appreciate how you feel. I'll take a glass of wine if you're offering. I love reading your blog. What's in a number, hey?

    1. Thank you xx I have a glass waiting here for you, in fact I have a whole bottle just for you xx

  2. Hahaha absolutely love this 😂😂😂

  3. Ha thanks for making me laugh after a not especially good day or week for that matter ;)

    Stevie x

    1. Glad it made you laugh. Well done and I don't have my fingers crossed xx

  4. Ha thanks for making me laugh after a not especially good day or week for that matter ;)

    Stevie x

  5. Bloody brilliant! Just the giggle I needed 😄 Xxx

  6. I try not to check my stats either - I don't know hwat Tot's 100 is thankfully. Darn, I'm gonna have to google it now.

    1. Oh it's a UK thing - I'm in Australia so I'm off the hook!

    2. Haha! Every month we wait for our Tots score, and when they come out half of us cheer and blush and half of us say stats don't matter. This month they changed how they ranked us and I was truly gutted I'd fallen so far, but hey, stats don't matter 😂

  7. Haha absolutely brilliant!! I'm not in tots at all but when I first started on Twitter and had about 3 followers, I obviously never batted an eye when I get a few more. Then a few more. Then a few less... What?! Haha

    1. They definitely don't matter to me at all, when they are going up lol xx


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