Monday 1 August 2016

A Dalek, A Pokemon and a Pier

Bear at Tredegar House

On Monday we visited Tredegar House. It has huge parklands and formal gardens. We loved it, we didn't get time to explore the actual house though. The parklands include a lake and childs playground and are free to visit, just £2 parking all day. The House and formal gardens cost to enter.

Bear enjoying the parkland

Trying to walk on the fallen down walls

Bear enjoying his Heavenly Squishes at Tredegar House

There was obviously lots of money spent on the estate when it was built, even the stables are magnificent. We had a surprise when we went in but Bear just accepted that Daleks can be found in stables.

Bear hasn't noticed the Dalek yet...

Bear makes friends with the Dalek

Pokemon Go is the new craze, I think it's fantastic as it gets people out and about and walking. The problem I have is that 

a) I forget to play and get home and realise I haven't even looked for any Pokemon 
b) I find Pokemon but am totally rubbish at hitting them with the ball so give up
c) My signal isn't strong enough so I cant launch the app!

A Pokestop

A Pokemon - Weedle. Maybe I can't hit it because it's too small

A Pokemon - Drowzee. Or maybe it's too big?

The weather forecast was rain all week but it turned out a lot nicer so we visited Penarth. We were going to go to the cliff top path but the sea front was quiet so we parked and had a walk along the front to the pier.

The pier has beautiful ornate railings and is a great place for Bear and his bike, hardly anyone about and the boards were very smooth. Bear could hear the sea and was fascinated when he was shown that it was below us and he could see it through the boards.

Quiet, lovely Penarth sea front

Bear looking at the big boats on the sea

Bear looking at the sea between the boards

Penarth-pier-toddler-on bike
Lots of space for Bear to ride his bike

View towards Cardiff

View towards Somerset with Steep Holm and Flat Holm

Bear watching the waves hit the pebbles
I was too slow with the camera. Bear saw the cat said "meow" ran up and gave it a cuddle. I managed to just get him running back!

We have also spent lots of time in the garden. Bear found a new friend, a beautiful little black cat that just wanted to be friends.

Bear showing the cat his lorry

A picture of my apples before Bear picks them all! I would like one at least to ripen.

Whats new this week?

Bear is practicing "No!" He uses it a lot but we just ignore him. I'm hoping he may realise that it doesn't mean anything soon and change to "why?". 
Climbing absolutely everything. From the sofa, to railings, anything. I think we need to find a place he can climb safely.

He was playing with his sand pit and throwing the sand onto the grass. 

"Why are you putting the sand on the grass?" I asked
"Eat it" he said

So there you are, rabbits eat sand.

Rabbits eat it
The video below is me trying to get Bear to repeat his "Rabbits eat it" and failing but it is very cute. Sorry about the black lines either side too. I really must practice more with videos.

He has also decided to eat yoghurt with his hands. He enjoys getting as much as he can on his face and only when he is covered does he use a spoon. Toddlers! Full of mystery and wonder.

Mmm that's yummy

We had a busy week and hope the weather is good this week so we can explore some more.

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