Monday 22 August 2016

Sunshine And Summer


Sunshine and summer. Honestly it happened. It may be difficult to remember now but only last week the weather forecast was for a heat wave. Temperatures predicted to be into the 30's so we had our plans all worked out, paddling pool in the garden as the beaches would be packed.
As it was, the temperature in Cardiff didn't get so high but we did have some wonderful weather and for a week at least the summer had arrived. Bear loves the pool and we didn't get a chance to get him undressed or even get suntan lotion on. We have a gazebo in the garden to provide shade so we just let him get on with it. A grasshopper came and joined us.


On Tuesday we managed to get him into his wet-suit and covered in lotion before he went out and we thought it would be fun for Bear to help wash the car. He loved it. As I sit here looking at the rain I just can't believe that last week we were bathed in glorious sunshine.


He got a little bit wet. He didn't want to play with the hose so I did! He ran through the shower of water and just loved getting wet. This is amazing as he hates water on his face. He wanted me to take his picture so he could see his wet face and hair.

Quick take my picture....

Show me, show me.

We didn't want to spend all week in the garden so we spent a day at one of our local parks, Pontcanna Fields in Bute Park. It's a lovely park and I will do A Toddler Explores with lots of pictures next week. Parking is free, or so I thought, but now I have found out they charge after two hours. We were there for over three so really lucky not to get a ticket. I think it may have been because the car park was full of trailers and lorries for something they are filming. I couldn't see anyone to ask or any signs to give me a clue but lots of programmes are filmed in Cardiff including Dr Who and Casualty.

Lots of vans but no idea what they are filming
Bear says hello to the dragon

The beautiful lime avenue in Pontcanna Fields

We decided to stop for an ice cream at the little cafe in the park, The Secret Garden. They serve very small cones that are a perfect size for a toddler. He didn't eat it all, lots went down his arm and a big lump fell to the ground but he was happy. It's the first ice cream Grandad and I have bought him, not because we are meanies but he just never liked it before. I think it was too cold.

Searching for squirrels

On the previous Saturday I went into Cardiff shopping unaware that the Pride Parade was happening. It was a pleasant surprise. Full of colour and noise; music and dancing; fun and laughter. Even the castle had rainbow flags.
I was told afterwards that H from Steps was leading the parade, I had no idea who he was or that he was there, so I didn't get a picture. Sorry H.

We had a great week and look forward to more sunshine this week too. Hope you have a great week.


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