Thursday 11 August 2016

Ogmore-By-Sea - A Toddler Explores


It's summer so that means the beach! Where to go? Ogmore-By-Sea is about 24 miles from Cardiff and easily reached via the M4 so the perfect place for a toddler to explore.

Barry Island is our closest sandy beach but it was a bit windy so we thought we would go a little further and explore the rock pools of Ogmore-By-Sea.

 The beach you get depends very much on the tides. When the tide is out the beach is huge and when the tide is in there is just a strip of pebbles and lots of rockpools.

Bear just loves the beach. Our first visit last week was cold and windy so we had to don wellies and waterproofs. Whilst putting them on Bear screeched loudly "Happy! Happy! Happy!" continuously, I think he was feeling happy to be there!

It is a great place for children to explore as there are fossils in the rocks and lots of rock pools. The beach has life guards during the summer holidays and they put flags up to designate the safe area to swim.

One warning. The sea here can be very dangerous where the River Ogmore flows into the sea. Only swim between the flags. The lifeguards were in their lookout on our first visit when the tide was out but were on the beach with us watching the children in the waves the second time. When the tide is in and the wind blows the waves are fantastic with foamy seas. The beach is a popular spot for surfers.

The car park is quite small and the charges are a bit annoying. £1 for an hour or £5 all day with nothing in-between. Bear doesn't like to stay all day as he likes his nap so on our first visit we paid the £5 and left after a few hours, the second time I bought an hour at a time, so it cost me £3. OK it meant going back to the car each time but we were near the ramp and the machine so it wasn't too bothersome.

There are public toilets here that are clean and an ice-cream van. On our second visit there was a stall selling freshly made pizza's cooked in a wood burning oven. They looked good but we had already eaten our picnic.












The long trek back (with a wet bum) after fun on the beach

If your children are older there are the ruins of a castle which is accessible by stepping stones over the river and lots of horse riding. We didn't do either as Bear is just a bit too little.

We love the beach and have so many more to explore. Do you live near the sea? Where's your favourite beach?


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