Monday 8 August 2016

8 Ways To Entertain A Toddler In A Typical British Summer

It's summer here in Cardiff so that means rain, wind and a bored toddler. After about half an hour indoors he was bored so I thought instead of my usual round up I'd share our week with 8 Ways To Entertain A Toddler In A Typical British Summer.

1. Get a Bucket



Once you have your bucket you must put water in it, then stand in it. This is considered fun for a toddler even if it is tipping down.


Once the toddler is stood in the bucket they must try to lift themselves up by holding onto the sides of the bucket. They have no idea of impossible and no matter what you say this will cause great screams of frustration, mmm, maybe not such a good idea after all.

2. Fly A Kite

This really is a great idea, for at least 10 minutes the wonder of the kite being "high" keeps them enthralled. Let them hold the string, this is great fun especially when they let go and run away across the park. 

Toddler or kite? Let me think. Kite cost £3.99, kite it is then.



3. Go To The Park

We are lucky we have Roath Park which has a lake and a playground. We can watch the flowing water, feed ducks and ride bikes. The best bit of the playground is that while the toddler is clambering on the big kids climbing frame the adult can attempt to hit Pokemon off his head. 




4. Shadow Puppets

Build a Shadow Puppet Theatre1 or be like us and visit Tredegar House and play with theirs.


5. Dressing Up

Toddlers love to see themselves dressed up. All you need is some old clothes and a mirror. We were lucky and found a box full at Tredegar House.


 6. Painting and Drawing

Painting is always a good idea, especially at 7.30 in the morning when you are not quite awake. Unfortunately Grandad supervised the hand washing afterwrds which meant Bear was soaked through and needed a complete change of clothes. Much drier is "drawing".


Not here, it's a stately home and it's just called the Drawing Room
Drawing! Drawing! Drawing!


7. The Seaside

They are going to get wet anyway so the seaside is ideal. They can play in the waves, in the rockpools and draw in the sand. Great fun.



8. Puddles

Anyone can do this anywhere. Just put on their wellies and let them play. Or just stand about.


When all the fun is over then a have a bubble bath to wash away the mud and sand. Have a great summer.

Confession - this isn't my bathroom, it's at Tredegar House


1 Shadow Puppet Theatre. This is actually a good idea. Keep an eye out for my post on how to make one. I'll have to make one first though :-) 

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  1. Puddles, paint, buckets, baths, hand-washing, beach, it all sounds very wet. Shadow puppets is at least nice and dry! Look at that super adorable face and warm fluffy towel.

    1. Exactly! Can't beat 'em join 'em! Got soaked again today, huge waves on the beach right over his wellies and up to my thighs 😂😂 Loved it!

  2. What a lovely post! This is an awesome post, thank you for sharing such a wonderful pics. This will make my day


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