Monday 4 July 2016

Trains, Romans and Bikes

Our week has been a bit different in that the weather was not at all summery and Bear had a cold so our usual day trip was close to home and short. The sun was shining on Monday so we had a quick visit to Caerleon. It has an amphitheatre and ruins of Roman barracks, the best in Europe. Bear became tired very quickly as he was still a bit poorly, so we didn't stay as long as we would have liked but it was still great to get out.

Bear at Caerleon Amphitheatre

I should be posting photo's of Bear playing in his waterproof den under the decking this week but the company who I ordered the plastic sheet from have been a complete nightmare. They originally said 3 - 7 days for delivery and when it didn't arrive I rang, they said "tomorrow" then "the next day" then "definitely tomorrow" well this has gone on for weeks and finally it arrived on Saturday. Hopefully we will get the den usable before the summer is over. Even though it was trying to rain we still got into the garden.

Rain doesn't stop play

Just add water and Bear is happy
Bears den. Just needs plastic roof so we can finish it

Grandad made Bear a wooden train set table and bear has loved it. It has had hours of use because of the horrible wet summer we are having.


We also rushed out one morning to the park and caught some sun before the rain. Bear loved riding his balance bike down the hills. He is so confident now that I think we will have to buy a helmet.

Bear at Cefn Onn Park

Bear with his first ebook. The Hula Hooping Hippo.

Waiting to go into Tots Club

We arrived early at Tots on Wednesday and a lady having lunch commented on Bear. How gorgeous he was and much too pretty to be a boy. Lol, we know it but we were still very chuffed.

Whats new this week?

An obession for hills. Anything that has a hill. The train track, a leg, a real grass hill. He just loves them.

He is now using three or more words to make sentances. It is so wonderful to hear him put words together to get himself understood. He bumped his nose in the hallway and came running for a kiss

"how did you hurt your nose?"
"on the wall"
How clever is that!

I'm hoping for better weather next week but if not then we will find something to do. Maybe try cooking again. Do you have any plans?



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