Wednesday 13 July 2016

Simple DIY Wooden Train Track Table

Bears train track table resting on his toy box
A simple DIY wooden train track table can be made in a day or two for a few pounds. Using scraps of wood and a cheap train track this project is affordable and quick. I didn't make it though! No Grandad is the DIY expert in our house. Branded wooden track like Brio can be expensive but there are cheaper alternatives and it can be found second hand quite cheaply.

Recently we visited Perrygrove Railway and Bear found a wooden train track table to play with. I had to prise him away, he loved it. We had an attic full of 30 year old Brio and had been waiting until Bear was old enough to play with it. After the visit Bear had played with the track laid on a piece of hardboard but it kept coming apart. He found this very frustrating so we wanted a more permanent solution. Grandad decided to make Bear a simple DIY wooden train track table. We do not have a lot of space to accommodate a table out all the time so needed a table that was easy to put away each day. Grandad made a table top that fitted over Bears toy box. It could be made to fit a coffee table or similar.

Bear playing with the track at Perrygrove


What You Need To Make A Simple DIY Wooden Train Track Table

Wooden Track and Trains
Board, ply or hardboard
Offcuts of wood
Paint - sample home decorating pots are ideal
Rubber Solution, wood glue or screws
Table or box to stand it on.

We had loads of Brio, collected over the years, but not enough to make a small track, we needed more sharp bends and had seen the ideal thing in Wilko. For £6 you can buy a figure of eight track with trains and accessories.

Wilko Choo Choo Loco

Wilko Choo Choo made up with accessories


By trial and error Grandad made up a track that fitted our piece of scrap plywood. Bear is obsessed with hills at the moment so we just had to have one in our layout. The Wilko track is small and could easily be used by itself for this project. Grandad used a scrap piece of plywood but hardboard or any sheet board would be as good.

He drew around the track to mark the track position and then screwed four pieces of wood onto the back so that they would fit snugly over Bears toy box. This would stop it being pushed off every time Bear lent against it.

The final design with obligatory "hill"

Four pieces of wood fixed to give a snug fit over the toy box

Using the pencil lines to give him an idea of track layout Grandad painted the board with an undercoat of white paint and then a top coat of green and blue. He used match pots but any scraps would be fine. Toddlers aren't that fussy and probably don't even need it painted at all.

Painted. Just left to dry before attaching track

Then he needed to fix the track. I didn't want to stick it with permanent glue or screws as it belongs to Bear's daddy and I wanted it to be removable so when Bear is older he can make his own track up. We decided on rubber solution. Time will tell if this is a good idea or not but we're hoping it will come off the Brio easily. Grandad also painted a road.

Finished track. I think it is superb.

Bear thinks it is fantastic

Bear loved it! When it is not being used it just stands up on it's side in the study and takes up hardly any room. Now that the track doesn't come apart every time he pushes a train or bumps it with his arm Bear happily plays with it for ages.



  1. Wow you are clever putting this together! We got a train table on ebay for my little boy and he absolutely loves his too!

    1. Fantastic we looked at buying one but they were so expensive so well done!

  2. This is so very clever! Our kiddies would love one like this :)

    1. It has given him so many hours of pleasure it really was worth making

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