Tuesday 19 July 2016

11 Mums and Five Guys Meetup

Left to right Cardiff Mummy Says, Mrs Helicopter Writes, Baby Holiday,  Me with the gorgeous Ezra, The Herniman House, All About A Mini Norris, First Time Valley Mam, Sidestreet Style, We Made This Life, Kelly Allen Writer but that's only 10 mums, well someone had to take the photo! Behind the lens Mrs Family Days tried and Tested (Yeah her! Honest, how awesome is that?)

When I retired I never thought I would be included in a Welsh mummy blogger night out. I didn't know I was going to be a Granny and I hadn't even thought of blogging (thankyou pixiedoes for Bear and getting me started in blogging) but here I am with ten mums, all much younger than me, having a fantastic night out at Five Guys* in the Red Dragon Centre. It could have been more if some were not on holiday and some just couldn't make a Monday night.
Bloggers are the most supportive group I have had the pleasure to be part of. If you are a blogger and haven't met any in real life then join your local bloggers facebook page and when they say lets all meet up, do it!

Cathryn of Cardiff Mummy Says arranged with the Red Dragon Centre and Five Guys for us all to meet for a meal and a chat. Eleven noisy bloggers, one baby and a toddler! I'm sure they didn't know what hit them.

Five Guys is inside the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff Bay, it has plenty of parking which is free if you use the centre. You just need to get your parking ticket validated when you pay your bill.

If you haven't been before Five Guys is famous for its casual fast-food, its freshly made, fully customisable burgers, hand-cut fries and milkshakes. They also do hot dogs and a small vegetarian selection. 
I chose the little bacon cheeseburger, salted caramel milkshake. We shared the Cajun fries.

Milkshake was delicious. These are not all mine.

Little bacon cheeseburger all wrapped up

Not so little and totally scrummy 

The burgers come in little, just one burger patty or large, two burgers. You can have them with or without a bun. There are plenty of extras to add that are included in the price such as mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, pickles and so much more.
The fries come in little, regular or large. Cajun or plain. Large being enough for three or four people which was great for a hungry crowd like us.

The choice of drinks include all the usual fizzy ones with unlimited free top ups or milkshakes. There is so much choice but I just love caramel so chose the salted caramel one. Intriguingly you can have bacon, yes bacon, added to your milkshake. Only Sarah was brave enough to try it but then she is pregnant. You will have to pop over to her blog to find out what she thought.

You can have bacon added to any shake

What did I think? It's a great place to meet up with friends, the food is fast, the service lovely and friendly and the food really tasty. Why not give it a try.

*We were given our meal free for the purpose of a review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Loved last night! It was a pleasure to be with so many wonderful bloggers :) xxx great post xxxx

    1. It was a great night shame I didn't get to chat to you.....that's a great excuse for a next time :-)

  2. It was so ace. Not EVERYONE is much younger by the way. Some are just muuuuch more immature and don't act their age. :) (me, I'm talking about me). I love that in this group there is not one person I ever slightly think, oh I hope I'm not sitting with her.... What will we talk about?! We all get on so well. Xxxx

    1. Lol, you are too kind! I agree we are a great bunch :-)

  3. Oh my goodness! I sooo wasn't to go! My boys would love that and you're right, you were with an awesome set of bloggers xx

  4. Oh my goodness! I sooo wasn't to go! My boys would love that and you're right, you were with an awesome set of bloggers xx

  5. I had the best time! Sorry I didn't chat to you much, hopefully catch up over the summer :-)

    1. I know, we should have shuffled seats. Next time definitely :-)


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