Tuesday 26 July 2016

National Museum Cardiff - A Toddler Explores


On Thursday we decided to go into Cardiff, meet up with Bears Mummy and visit the National Museum. Like all museums in Wales this is free to visit and has lots of exhibitions. We were going to see the dinosaurs and Wriggle, the wonderful world of worms. We were not disappointed although it was a very hot day so we didn't stay long. It was very warm in the museum and we didn't want to miss the lovely weather.

The museum is in an old building so struggles slightly with being wheelchair and buggy friendly. There are lifts to all levels but I found they were very slow and the lift between the 2nd and 3rd floors, where the worms and dinosaurs are, opened by mistake into an area surrounded by stairs. We only had a buggy so managed to negotiate them but it would have been very frustrating for those that couldn't do that. I also found it irritating that I couldn't just use the stairs as they didn't appear to go between these floors. So to go from the 4th to the 3rd floors you had to descend to the foyer them go back up.
There are lots of stuffed animals on display that have do not touch signs. This is absolutely OK but Bear found it a bit frustrating.

Despite this it is an amazing place to visit.

Look! Dinosaurs



The Woolly Mammoths moved and made noises which frightened Bear and he refused to pose with them. 

Bear snubbed the Bison because he wasn't allowed to touch (poor thing is losing it's fur)

He loved all  the lighted posters though

Taking Mummy to see the worms

It all changed at Wriggle, the wonderful world of worms. This is designed for children and none of the exhibits are out of bounds. They also have dressing up clothes and a corner to read and draw. Bear loved it, he especially loved running around and through the little worm holes

Bear was very keen to explore

He just loved going through the holes

Looking for worms

Just a mouse, no worms
Dressed up as a caterpillar searching for worms. They're behind him!

Downstairs just off the foyer is The Clore Discovery Gallery. Here children can open drawers and investigate everything from bugs to dinosaur bones. Please check the website as due to school visits this area has designated opening times. It is open to all during the school holidays.

Inspecting bugs in the Clore Discovery Gallery

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and will come back. It is a bit of a maze and we found it a little difficult to find the specific areas. We didn't stay long but they do have a cafe, a shop and facilities for baby change.

Have you been? What's your favourite gallery?


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