Monday 25 July 2016

Dinosaurs, Worms and Sunshine

Dinosaurs at the National Museum Cardiff

What a fabulous week it's been. We've been out and about, had a heatwave and went to the National Museum in Cardiff to see the worms and dinosaurs.

We started off the week revisiting Blaenavon Ironworks. We were not disappointed it was a fabulous day out. Then we had a heatwave so spent the next two days in the garden. We erected the gazebo, a bargain last year from B&Q, and filled the paddling pool. Bear had a fantastic time just playing in the water. On Thursday we went into town and met Mummy at lunch time. She gave up her break to walk around the National Museum with us. We didn't have long there but thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely go back in the Autumn when it's not quite so hot.

Exploring the model at the Ironworks very close up

Brushing his hair in the 1944 cottage

Having a little rest in the sunshine

Looking  down through the grid of the balance tower. 

The water balance tower

Posing in front of the museums fantastic doors

Searching for worms

Dinosaurs-Worms-and-Sunshine-national-museum-cardiff-toddler-in-caterpillar-costume-looking-for-worms-in hole-in-wall
Maybe they are in here

Oh! I was looking for worms

What's new this week.

Bear is using words in different context. He grazed his knee and it must have hurt because he kept pointing at it and asking for kisses. When he was in the bath he pointed to his good knee and said "happy" then to his grazed knee and pretended to cry like a baby "Whahh!",

'Whahh! knee' and  'Happy knee'

Oh and on Monday I had a rare treat and went out to Five Guys with lots of lovely local bloggers.


I hope you had a good week and we all have our fingers crossed that the weather will stay fine for the holidays.


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