Sunday 31 January 2016

A Granny Nanny's Typical Day

I have read a lot of Mums and Dads typical day and they are fascinating to read. Every one is so different even though they all do the same things, if that makes sense. So I thought this weeks diary would be our typical day. Bear, Grandad and me.

Grandad is a lark, everyday without fail he gets up before the sun. I am an owl so early mornings are rubbish.

The times I've given below are just like the railways or bus timetables. Not very accurate. Sometimes nothing happens then three turn up.

red sunrise
Early mornings means catching glorious sunrises.

5.30-6.00    Grandad gets up, has breakfast, makes me a fruit tea, toddler proofs the living room (boards up at the glass fronted cabinet and the hifi equipment).

6.40.  My alarm goes off I blearily fumble for it and quieten its noisiness.

6.45    I open one eye

6.50    I get up, wash/shower, clean my teeth, get dressed and go downstairs.

7.04    Grandad goes upstairs to shower, shave and get dressed

7.05    I get Bears bottle ready. He's on whole milk now so it's easy. I put the kettle on, pour 9 oz of milk into his bottle and put the bottle into a jug.

7.08    Pour the boiling water into the jug to warm the milk. I get his toothbrush and put a small dab of toothpaste on it.

7.10   I drink my only perfect cup of tea

7.15    Bear arrives. If it's earlier Mummy gives me a hand over if it's later then she runs out the door

7.16    I give Bear his toothbrush. He is in PJ's and sleepbag. He adores his Grandad and wiggles to get free of it so he can run and find him.

7.20    Bear then has his bottle with either Grandad or me, whoever is free really

7.35    A change of nappy and he gets dressed. See how easy that is to write! In reality Grandad chases him for 10 minutes, catches him and changes his nappy. I then chase him for 10 minutes and dress  him on my lap with Bear protesting.

8.00    Into the kitchen for breakfast. Scrambled egg, Oatibix or nothing. Whatever Bear wants really

toddler in highchair eating breakfast
Two spoons, two cereals but he'd rather play with the empty bottle

8.10   Put on kettle, Bear likes to listen to it bubble and then say "tck" when it finishes. Make coffee for Grandad and tea for me. Email Mummy with update of food Bear has eaten/refused/thrown on floor and description of any poo he's had. One of us washes up and tidy's kitchen

8.20   Take drinks into front room, play, read stories, have cwtches.

9.00   Take Bear to bed for his nap.

9.15 - 10.00 Grandad has a rest whilst I go into Bears room, or sit on the stairs or change a poo filled nappy, or go back into his room, sit on the stairs, ad infinitum. I smile if he sleeps or give up if not. Either way by 10am I go downstairs and drink my cold tea. Email Mummy with details of Bears nap, or lack of, and a detailed description of any poo.

10.15- 10.35 Bear has a snack. fruit, cheese, yoghurt. Depends on whether Bear is eating today or not. He has a very small appetite and everything from tiredness to teething to illness stops him from eating. Nappy change. Quick email to Mummy saying "going to ...."

Toddler looking out of patio doors
It's raining but I really want to go out

10.45 If it's Wednesday we rush out to go to tots club. It starts at 10.30 but we've only got there on time once. It finishes at 12. Take pictures for Mummy.

If it's Tuesday then Bear goes shopping with Grandad and I get an hours peace to catch up on twitter or FB.

Mondays and Thursdays we get outside. To the park or into the garden. If the weather is really good we go out somewhere nice like St Fagans. If the weather is foul, as it has been here for weeks, we play indoors.

shoes on the wrong feet
Ooops! Left in a hurry, wrong feet.

toddler sat on play equipment
This is a nice seat

toddler on swing but head cropped in photo
Great photo Grandad

toddler playing with bowwl of water and then sat in it
Too wet outside, too wet inside!

12.00  One of us prepares lunch whilst the other looks after Bear. We usually do it all together, swapping roles as Bear chooses who he wants to play with. He helps with lunch. Putting potatoes into the saucepan or sprinkling cheese onto things. There is always a job he can do. Email Mummy pictures from the morning and any update.

13.00   Have lunch. Send Mummy pictures of Bear eating lunch.

13.30   I tidy up from lunch and Grandad takes our drinks into the front room and plays with Bear and changes his nappy. If it's nice he will take him outside if not just play indoors.

toddler in garden
I'll just move this over there

14.00 Take Bear to bed for his nap.

14.15- 15.00  Exactly the same as morning nap. Grandad has a rest whilst I go into Bears room, or sit on the stairs or change a poo filled nappy, or go back into his room, sit on the stairs, ad infinitum. Grin if he sleeps or give up if not. Either way by 3pm I go downstairs and drink my cold tea. Email Mummy with my success or failure. Play with Bear.

toddler in cardboard box with plastic play balls

toddler playing with toy kitchen

toddler brushing soft toys hair

16.00   Bear has afternoon tea. He'll have something like a sandwich, fruit, yoghurt, fruit pouch, jar of food, omelette or cheese on toast. Just depends on what he's eaten the rest of the day.

16.20   Change nappy. Aunty S may visit after work and play for an hour or we all play together. Reply to Mummy's message that she's on the bus.

toddler stood in kitchen with two doorstops pointing
I'll just leave these door stops here

16.50 -17.05 Mummy gets here depending on buses and work.

17.25    Daddy arrives and Bear just wants to go home.

17.30    Tidy away all the toys and debris from the day.

18.00     Grandad cooks supper whilst I exercise  (excercise is new. I only started 2 weeks ago)

18.45     Eat supper

19.00     Chat to my dad about his day

19.30     Collapse onto sofa, stare at box with moving pictures

10.30     Go to bed

 I just had to add this photo from Mummy. Bear started doing head stands this week but I couldn't get a photo. How clever is he?

toddler trying to do a head stand

What is your typical day like?



  1. You are undoubtedly gathering enough information along the way to write a whole series of children's books on "The Adventures of Bear", certainly keeps me entertained!

    1. Too true, he certainly keeps us entertained too xx

  2. Ooohhh...alot of nappy changes and chasing! And yes, a lot of photo taking! He's so adorable! What beautiful days you all must have and busy creating wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

    1. I agree! It sometimes seems like an endless round of naps and nappy changes!

  3. My parents used to look after our daughter when she was small and perhaps I didn't recognise how exhausting it was! I loved seeing your day written out like that, and all the things you got up to. And Bear is very cute indeed....

    1. It's a job that you can only do if you love it, luckily we absolutely love it! It is also definitely harder when you are older but it keeps me fit and up to date, I know all the names of the characters In The Night Garden x

  4. Great idea! It's great to get a sense of what the grandparents are going through :-)

    1. Thankyou for reading. We are always really busy! Like parents just slower lol

  5. Wow. This s very interesting with such lovely pictures creating cherished memories. He is got so much energy to keep grand parents on their feet.

    1. He certainly does. I love the pictures of him too, my blog was started so I could record him growing up :-)

  6. This is great. I love knowing how everyone's days pan out. Well done grandad on getting up so early. I love how you send little updates to mum through the day. Wish I could get my nan to do that but she can barely send a text let alone an email. It sounds as though he's very happy in both of yours company x

    1. Even when she wasn't working we would text/messaged each other everyday so it just carried on from there really. Sometimes it is difficult because he wont pose for pictures so I send a blur of him running away lol!

  7. Sounds much like my day! I love how often you update his mummy throughout the day I bet she really appreciates it. You are amazing grandparents - we have no help at all with childcare so this support you provide sounds unreal to me!! xx


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