Saturday 23 January 2016

How To Make Paper

I love trying new crafts. In fact I'm a great beginner! I'm just not so good at carrying on, there's always something more interesting to do.

I decided that this year I was going to do as many things I could that made me happy. Making things always makes me feel good. I decided my first project was to make paper.

sheets of homemade paper

I watched a couple of videos and read a few articles and off I went. It definitely is a case of practice makes better (nowhere near perfect yet!). It isn't difficult it just needs a few items and practice. Even with the information I had read I still found some parts not so easy and did it my own way. I found that my paper was more like card. I did manage to make one piece very thin but I think, to be honest, to make paper rather than card would take lots of practice.

What You Will Need

I used shredded paper and junk mail but any will do just tear it into small pieces. Don't use newspaper, it makes a very grey paper.


I didn't want to ruin my liquidiser so used a hand held blender. I'm told you can do it with a pestle and mortar but I think it would take ages.

Frame &  Deckle         

Grandad made mine. You just need 2 frames of wood the same size, you can use picture frames. Make sure it fits in your sink or a bowl. Cover one with netting. Pull it as tight as you can and staple. This is the frame.
Leave the other as an empty frame, this is the deckle. I used tulle, the sort you'd use for fancy dress. Anything that will allow the water through and keep the pulp back would work.

2 wooden frames. one empty, deckle. one with mesh.


Old towel, cloth whatever you have or lining wallpaper.


Enough to cover the frame and a spare piece slightly larger than the paper.


I used an old bath sponge

Food colours

To make different coloured paper


I found this the easiest way to pour the pulp

How To Make Paper

Firstly put the torn/shredded paper into a container and pour warm water on top, enough to cover. Leave to go soggy. You could leave this overnight but half an hour is enough.

shredded paper in a plastic tub

shredded paper in a plastic tub covered in water

Liquidise, start slowly then finish with a blast. It should look like porridge.

shredded paper in a plastic tub blended into pulp with hand blender

If you are going to colour the pulp do that now. I added about a teaspoon of food colouring. It makes a very pale paper.

shredded paper in a plastic tubulp with yellow dye added

Fill the sink half way with water. Lots of people say add the pulp to this but I found it washed the colour from my pulp and made the paper too thin for a novice like me to handle. It's easier with slightly thicker paper.

frame in sink with water running

Gently put the frame into the water but do not totally submerge it. Ladle the pulp into the frame and gently swish it in the water to get an even coating. If you'd like to add glitter or petals then add them now.

pulp in frame with deckle in place

Lift the frame and let the water drain out. Remove the deckle. Cover the pulp with the spare piece of netting. Use a sponge and press the pulp, squeezing out the water. DO NOT RUB! Just press.

deckle removed pulp in a square

Holding onto the netting turn the frame upside down onto a piece of rag. Again use the sponge to press out the water, squeeze the sponge back into the sink.

frame turned over and sponge to soak the water

Gently remove the frame. I found that if it stuck it was because the paper was too thin or I hadn't pressed enough water out. Once one edge is released the rest comes off easily.

netting over paper
I just love the different coloured speckles from the waste paper

Place a piece of cloth or the lining paper on top and turn the whole sandwich over.

lining paper on top
I used lining paper it gave strength to the paper making it easier to turn. Other guides say use cloth

Sponge to remove more water. Remove the netting and leave the paper to dry. Once it has started to dry it will come off the lining paper/cloth easily. You can speed up the drying process in the oven but I was happy to leave it overnight to dry.

hand removing netting from paper

Once it is dry it will not be flat. place heavy weights (books are good for this) on top and leave.

paper in a pile all wavy
The paper looks like papadoms!

You are now the proud owner of handmade paper/card that you can use for all sort of crafts. I'm using mine to make greeting cards. My first will be a Valentine card.

What will you make with yours?



  1. I would love to make my own paper and send the decorated paper as cards to my family. Thanks for the directions!

    1. My next project is making cards. They will be very rustic though x

  2. That's great - and the poppadum statement made me laugh! What a fab project :) #makinghome

  3. This is so totally cool. It would be great to make embellishments from wouldn't it? Maybe paper flowers?! #MakingHome

    1. That's a great idea. Although my paper is more like card lol. I'll keep at it :-)

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