Monday 18 January 2016

Turtle Bay Restaurant and Bar Cardiff - Review

On my "Make 2016 The Best Year Ever" lists of things to make me happy one was to eat out. Grandad and I had stopped going out especially as the nights got wetter and colder. It was all too much trouble and being retired, too expensive. So we have decided that we will make the effort and at least once a month we are going to eat out somewhere in Cardiff. I must say once I get my free bus pass in March we may go out more often!

postcard with Turtle Bay written on it and pictures of beaches and happy people

Lots of people on social media had been talking about a new restaurant and bar that had opened in Cardiff city centre - Turtle Bay Restaurant and Bar. They just loved the goat curry and the atmosphere so this was our next destination.

We booked a table for 7pm and were told, nicely, that we had to be finished by eight thirty. This suited us we could always finish our drinks at the bar if necessary. We arrived ten minutes early and when we walked in it was loud and dark. It is quite an atmosphere, Friday night and lots of happy people.

two windows with lights and silhouettes of people

We were shown to our table. A table for four to the side of the bar. I just love having a big table so I do not have to juggle plates and glasses.

2 glasses of wine and a candle with some bottles of sauces

Our waitress introduced herself to us and repeated her name but sadly I didn't get it over the music and really didn't want her to repeat it again. She told us we were just in time for their 2 4 1 cocktails and drinks, so instead of a bottle of wine we had 2 glasses and 2 free! A fabulous start to the evening.

Grandad chose the goat curry with rice and peas. Dumplings came with it and he ordered a side of sweet potato chips with cheese.

picture of curry in a bowl and chips

picture of dumplings in a pot
Dumplings- similar to soft bread stick, really nice.

enamelled dish with chips

I am not very good with chilli, although I do like them I'm a complete wimp if they are hot and lots of the food had scotch bonnet chillies in them. I chose the goat burger with rice and peas. You can choose to have chips, rice and peas or salad with the burger and I presume the other meals too.

burger and bowl of rice on paper on a blue painted board

The food arrived quickly and I remembered to photograph it but I was sat with the light behind me and it was quite dark. The curry came in a contemporary enamelled bowl and the burger on a piece of paper on a board. I know I'm old fashioned but why can't I have a plate? Never mind at least it was on fresh paper.

Grandad enjoyed his curry and loved the rice and peas. My burger was fantastic but it was so hot! There was two different garnishes one green, that was as hot as wasabi and one white with flecks that looked as innocent as mayo but was as hot as anything. It made my tongue go numb. I asked for a fresh roll with nothing on it and very quickly was brought a fresh lightly toasted roll. Now the burger was great, still a bit warm but for a wimp like me perfect. The rice and peas were fantastic.

For dessert I ordered the Lemon and Lime tart with passion fruit sauce. As the picture shows I had chopped a bit off before I took a photo! I didn't eat all the pastry as it was a bit soft and boring but the filling was delicious, they should serve it alone in a small bowl, not on paper on a board (shut up Nanny that's how the do it now!). It was really fresh and light.

lemon and lime tart with sprig of mint and passion fruit sauce on paper on a board

Just before we left I went to the ladies. WOW. Even if you don't want to eat here, you must buy a drink, or two, and visit the ladies. Bright, colourful, quirky!

bright yellow door and fantastic wallpaper of posters of Bob Marley

sinks are tyres and the floor is bright pink with white washed wooden walls

We really enjoyed our meal. the staff are lovely, the atmosphere is party like but for me the food was a little too hot. I'm sure we'll be back, maybe in the summer and have some rum cocktails.

Have you been to Turtle Bay Restaurant and Bar? What did you like best?

Disclaimer- We paid for our own meals and drinks.  The restaurant did not know I would be writing a review. All views are honest and my own.



  1. Those chips look amazing! What did the goat burger taste like compared to a beef burger? I have heard good things about this place so I will have to visit soon!

  2. It was delicious. Not as strong as a beef burger or lamb. A bit like the meat in a Greek gyro.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your night out. I've heard good things about Turtle Bay although not been there yet.... quite a few people have been commenting about the fab toilets! x

    1. Yes they were so clean and happy! I had to be careful taking photos didn't want the ladies thinking I was strange lol

  4. I'm not sure this is my kind of place ... It sounds very goaty! I have heard good things about it though and your dessert looks lovely x

    1. Haha, no it's not all goat! Lots of chicken etc it's just that we both wanted to try goat and it's not on many menu's. I'm sure if you like spicy food you'd love it.

  5. I was gutted to have missed the opening of this. I'm desperate to go as it sounds different to anything we have and I do love spicy food x

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. This looks a great place - but I am not sure about the goat curry :( My eldest daughter and boyfriend would love it I think! Kaz x


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