Wednesday 6 January 2016

Some Strange Superstitions That Will Make You Smile - Fingers Crossed

 This New Year a friend posted this on Facebook.

 'Don't do any washing today or you'll wash someone out of your life'. 

I quipped back "got 3 loads to do, can I choose who goes?" *lots of smiley emojicons*
I did have lots of washing to do. I hate doing washing over Christmas so I had our usual laundry and extra bed linen from family staying over. One day longer won't hurt, I thought, I'll do it tomorrow. What?? Who said that? Me? I can't believe it! And I didn't do any washing. Just incase.

I have always thought of myself as rational, not at all superstitious. My sister on the other hand drove me up the wall with her many irrational fears. Salt was always being thrown over our shoulders. I was always being shouted at for crossing knives and passing her on the stairs. If a mirror was broken we certainly had 7 years bad luck! Yes the noise of my sister wailing on and on and on. 

I lived quite happily in a flat numbered 13. When I moved to my present home I noticed a neighbour had renumbered their house 12b. In the hospital where I worked they added new operating theatres and missed out number 13, yes really. They went from 12 to 14.

As children we are all a bit superstitious. Making a wish when blowing birthday candles out. Not stepping on cracks in the pavement. Knocking on wood.  Fingers crossed. Holding our collars if we saw an ambulance until we saw a four footed animal. Gosh, as I write this more and more come to mind but I'll leave it there.

The only superstition I've ever tried to comply with as an adult is on March 1st the first thing you must say is "white rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit". You will then get good luck for the year. Except I'd wake up and say something else and damn, another year of bad or average luck because I hadn't said it. 
Only once have I ever remembered. It was last year and....well it rained all summer and I didn't win the lottery but I am still here. You make up your own mind!

I wondered what other superstitions I had been missing out on so I did a little googling and maybe this is why I'm not a millionaire.

New Years Day


No washing laundry as you'll wash someone out of your life
No sweeping. You'll sweep all the good luck out
Don't eat chicken or you'll be scratching for food all year
Don't cry or you'll set the tone for the whole year

Valentines day


If a woman sees a robin flying overhead on Valentines Day it means she will marry a sailor. If she sees a sparrow, she will marry a poor man but be very happy. If she sees a goldfinch, she will marry a millionaire. I have no idea what luck would befall a man if he sees the same.



If Easter falls on Lady Day (March 25) then some national disaster will shortly follow. This year Good Friday falls on the 25th March. 



May seems to be a month full of bad luck but if on May 1st you wash your face in the early morning dew you will have beautiful complexion all year. This magic dew also removes freckles, spots and pimples.

Dropping An Umbrella On The Floor.



I know about opening one inside, mustn't do that, probably going to break something with it but dropping it? Dropping an umbrella on the floor means there will be a murder in the house! Dropping an umbrella, oh my, I must have done that hundreds of times.




A loaf of bread must never be turned upside down once a slice has been cut from it. I must remember this when cramming it into the freezer. You mustn't cut off just the ends of the loaf either or the devil will get inside. 

Brussel Sprouts are Evil



Well I love them but why do some people put crosses on the bottom? It's not to help them cook, it's an old superstition to drive evil spirits out before they are cooked and eaten.




It is bad luck to cut your fingernails on a Friday or Sunday. The cuttings should be saved (uggh), burned or buried.




If you use the same pencil to take a test that you used to study, the pencil will remember the answers. Why didn't I know this all those years ago?

So how can you be certain to have good luck this year? Be like me, carry an acorn in your pocket.

Are you superstitious? Do you know of any strange superstitions?


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