Monday, 29 February 2016

Doing It By Himself

Well Bear is all grown up. He doesn't need any help from Grandad or Nanny to have his bottle in the mornings. Or to drink water from an open cup. He doesn't need a morning nap either. He's doing it by himself.

Woe betide a helping hand! Teddy's will be thrown. There will be stomping of feet and slamming of doors. Then tears. 
We have to guess what it was we have done wrong, stop doing it and then all is right with the world.

He's a big boy now. He's 16¾ months old. He's doing it by himself. I just can't wait until he's a teenager.

toddler lying on floor with head on cushion, blanket over lap, drinking milk from bottle
Lots of tears and shouts before we got this exactly right. Happy grown up Bear.

toddler in highchair with orange cup drinking water
Drinking from an open cup. Put it to your mouth, tip, drink!

toddler leaning over drawer front. Feet off floor and head in drawer
I can reach

toddler reaching up to door handle
I can get my own coat

toddler sat on floor staring blankly, looks like he's about to nod off
I don't need a morning nap, I'm not even sleepy

toddler asleep in car seat
Just resting my eyes on the way to the shops....

reflection in mirror of toddler asleep in car seat with dummy
......Oh and on the way home too.

toddler playing in garden, sun shining
Water. If there is any water in the garden I can find it.

toddler alone running up ramp
I don't need anyone I know where I'm going.

toddler sat in shopping trolley
You are allowed to push me as long as I don't have to sit in that awful seat.

Happy toddler sat in washing basket with mouth wide open as if shouting
Smile for Mummy!

Toddler stood by open front door looking out
C'mon Grandad! I'm waiting.

Toddler and Aunty selfie both saying cheese
Selfie with Aunty Sarah. Say cheese.

What's new this week?

It looks like Bear has dropped his morning nap. It makes him super tired by the afternoon  but we were wasting at least an hour in the mornings trying to get him to nap, and failing.

He can drink out of a cup without spilling it all down his front

He continues to understand more complex instructions "Your sleeves are too long" Bear looks at his hands" Let me turn them up" Bear offers his arm for the sleeve to be rolled up.

He has a wicked sense of humour and laughs easily. For example. He was pointing at things for me to tell him the colour, blue bowl, white tray. He pointed faster and faster until I couldn't keep up and using noises and hands pretended my head exploded. He just fell about laughing....then we did it all over again.

He is starting to understand how to put glue onto paper to stick things. He made a daffodil at Tots for St David's Day and he did all the glue himself.

No new words but the ones he already uses are spoken clearer. He is a great mimic too. 
Sing a word or phrase. Bear will copy. 

Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do 

The crows make a racket. Bear will "caw" loudly.

Do you have a grown-up toddler? 


Sunday, 28 February 2016

#MySundayPhoto Number 9

#MySundayPhoto this week is of our Magnolia Stellata just breaking into flower. The day was glorious, the sun shone and out of the wind it was warm.

The sky was blue and just one bud had burst. Spring is really on it's way.

Lots more lovely photo's at  @Photalife  #MySundayPhoto 


Friday, 26 February 2016

A Cardiff Garden In February

Welcome to my Cardiff Garden. February has given us beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Cold frosty days, more rain and days so warm I thought Summer couldn't be too far away. Lots of plants have continued to flower throughout the year and we can welcome a few new ones too.

The mild weather brings pests. The usual slugs and something that has attacked the passion flower. A few days ago it was looking beautiful and now it is looking so very brown and sad. Lets hope whatever it is doesn't kill it!

We are also seeing more wildlife in the garden although catching them on camera is proving difficult.

I hope you enjoy my pictures of a Cardiff Garden.

A blue-tit on a fat ball feeder
Blue-tit through the glass patio doors so a bit hazy

a ladybird on a skeleton leaf
A ladybird enjoying the sunshine in my Cardiff garden

Frog spawn in a pond with autumn leaves and green plant
Lots of frog spawn in my little pond

plant growing amongst stones with purple flowers
The Aubretia just keeps on flowering

pink flowers amongst glossy green leaves
Loving the Camellia with it's shiny leaves and pink flowers

pale pink flowers in a pot
The pelargonium has flowered in the green house all winter. It should be resting!

green shoot against a black metal railing and brown stems
The Clematis is still putting on new shoots

Lots of upright brown stems and two new shoots
and so is the Hydrangea

trellis on brick wall with new shoots and flower buds
The passion flower with new shoots, it doesn't look so pretty now.

sunlight in stripes on soil with one open purple crocus flower
Crocus opening up to the warm sunshine

black pot with miniature daffodils in flower
Little Daffodils looking beautiful

blue pot with daffodils just about to open
A few more Daffodils

green hairy leaves with very pale pink flower just opening and more buds on the way
The Forget-me-not has also flowered all winter

green leaves and very dark purple flowers of the lenten rose.
Helleborus looking spectacular

pale pink flower buds and stalks. Buds are closed and and like little pentagon lanterns
Pieris coming into flower. This shrub has been moved so many times and doesn't give up.

brilliant blue sky with twigs with big hairy buds. One has just slightly opened with a white petal showing.
Magnolia Stellata just bursting a bud.

Three packets of seeds
Seeds just waiting to be sown

We have bought a few packets of seeds that need sowing soon. Some annuals, because they make the front garden look so pretty, Sunflowers for Bear to enjoy and Echinacea because I love them. If you have never sown seeds check out my guide for absolute beginners.

What are you planning to grow this year?


Monday, 22 February 2016

Half Term Hibernation

It's half term this week so all of us who have only pre-school children have hidden away and hibernated until the big children go back to school and give us our peace and quiet back. Everything costs more and is so busy. I know that's how it is but if you have a couple of school age children it just works out so expensive. Although idle hands.......

Toddler bent over in kitchen drawer, onions scattered across the foor
Bear throwing onions out of the drawer, potatoes next.

Dishwasher with utilities bill place in the plate rack
Bear helped to load the dishwasher.

toddler sat on bottom stair with head to one side looking innocent
Me? Naughty? Not me!

The weather has been glorious. Very cold and sunny and it only rained on Wednesday.

Bear just loves being outside and is just getting over his sore throat and ear infection so we wrapped him up all warm and went in search of swings. Our local playground had removed the swings for upgrading so we ventured a little further (in the car not walking unfortunately) and found our other favourite playground chained up!

metal yellow gate and black fence chained together and padlocked
Chained up gate to our playground

empty playground
No children playing on a sunny day at half term. They are outside looking in.

Bear didn't mind he's too young to realise he couldn't go on the swings so we made the best of it.

Four pictures of a toddler on a climbing frame. Lots of smiles
Bear enjoying the climbing frame 

toddler walking on path in park carrying daffodil.
Bear legging it with his golden treasure- a daffodil

Back of a toddler walking on path next to a quiet road in sunshine

We spent lots of time in the garden just pottering, splashing in puddles and moving stones. Bear likes to move the gravel from the greenhouse floor to anywhere else at all. I have no idea how we will mow the lawn in the spring!

toddler in greenhouse with trowel and gravel in bucket
Ooh! Stones make a splash when dropped into water

Grandad carrying toddler in garden, looks like they looking at something and are talking to each other.
What have they found?

toddler crouched in puddle touching the water with his hand
A puddle!

What's new this week?

He points to the dentinox and puts his finger into his mouth and rubs his teeth

His favourite new word this week is dark. He also grunts and points when he wants something. I think we may need to work on that a little.

If we read together he is more involved, he knows what comes next.

When we read his first books for babies if I ask "where's the ......" he points to the picture. It used to be just simple things like balloons, cats, dogs, ducks. Now he knows so many more. Clever Bear.

Did you hibernate for half term or face the crowds? 


Sunday, 21 February 2016

#MySundayPhoto Number 8

This week #MySundayPhoto is of Bear and a daffodil. 

We had gone to the park and the playground was shut. It was a beautiful sunny day but very cold. We found a patch of daffodils and Bear found one just lying on the floor. He grabbed it like it was treasure and legged it! 


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Meningitis B Vaccination - Who Should Pay?

In the news this week has been the devastating story of Faye Burdett, a toddler who died from sepsis caused by meningitis. The family had the most awful choice. Major surgery, involving multiple amputations, that had a really high risk of killing their 2 year old or allow her to pass away peacefully. They chose the second option. I do not know what I would choose and I hope I never have to.

What is really tragic is that this illness can be vaccinated against. The vaccine is safe and gives 90% immunity. So why didn't they get their precious baby vaccinated? Were they one of the parents that do not agree with vaccinations? No, this vaccine is only available on the NHS to babies born after 1st July 2015. 

Their baby was too old.

Faye was two years old.

My grandson is too old. 

He's 16 months old and too old for this government to protect him from this awful disease. He was born 10 months to soon. If he has any siblings or cousins they will be protected. They will be born after July 2015.

So should I pay to have him protected? 

The meningitis B vaccine is available privately and it would take (depending on age) about three doses. The cost to the NHS is £75 + vat. To you and me it would cost a minimum of £125+ for each dose. That's £375 for the full vaccination. Is my grandson worth it? Absolutely! He's worth his weight in gold. Should I pay for it? 

What about all the children that have no-one that can pay for it? Should they be disadvantaged? Children under five, teenagers and young people are most at risk. They should all be vaccinated on the NHS.

Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, friends should never have to experience this. It is preventable and that is what the NHS should be doing, preventing illness. If Faye had survived she would have been seriously handicapped, not just physically but possibly mentally too. This disease is of the membranes around the brain, there is a very high risk of damage to the brain. 

The effects of meningitis cost the nation vast amount of money and heartache. It is preventable. Young people are the major transmitters of this disease. University's are the ideal environment for transfer from one individual to another. It is thought that vaccinating young people would drastically reduce the risk of contracting meningitis.

The Government must give the NHS funding to roll this out to all children as soon as possible. There is a petition to ask the government to fund this here. I've signed it.

Most of my facts were found on this excellent website. 

Should we pay to protect our children? Have you paid to have your child/grandchild vaccinated? 

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