Friday 26 February 2016

A Cardiff Garden In February

Welcome to my Cardiff Garden. February has given us beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Cold frosty days, more rain and days so warm I thought Summer couldn't be too far away. Lots of plants have continued to flower throughout the year and we can welcome a few new ones too.

The mild weather brings pests. The usual slugs and something that has attacked the passion flower. A few days ago it was looking beautiful and now it is looking so very brown and sad. Lets hope whatever it is doesn't kill it!

We are also seeing more wildlife in the garden although catching them on camera is proving difficult.

I hope you enjoy my pictures of a Cardiff Garden.

A blue-tit on a fat ball feeder
Blue-tit through the glass patio doors so a bit hazy

a ladybird on a skeleton leaf
A ladybird enjoying the sunshine in my Cardiff garden

Frog spawn in a pond with autumn leaves and green plant
Lots of frog spawn in my little pond

plant growing amongst stones with purple flowers
The Aubretia just keeps on flowering

pink flowers amongst glossy green leaves
Loving the Camellia with it's shiny leaves and pink flowers

pale pink flowers in a pot
The pelargonium has flowered in the green house all winter. It should be resting!

green shoot against a black metal railing and brown stems
The Clematis is still putting on new shoots

Lots of upright brown stems and two new shoots
and so is the Hydrangea

trellis on brick wall with new shoots and flower buds
The passion flower with new shoots, it doesn't look so pretty now.

sunlight in stripes on soil with one open purple crocus flower
Crocus opening up to the warm sunshine

black pot with miniature daffodils in flower
Little Daffodils looking beautiful

blue pot with daffodils just about to open
A few more Daffodils

green hairy leaves with very pale pink flower just opening and more buds on the way
The Forget-me-not has also flowered all winter

green leaves and very dark purple flowers of the lenten rose.
Helleborus looking spectacular

pale pink flower buds and stalks. Buds are closed and and like little pentagon lanterns
Pieris coming into flower. This shrub has been moved so many times and doesn't give up.

brilliant blue sky with twigs with big hairy buds. One has just slightly opened with a white petal showing.
Magnolia Stellata just bursting a bud.

Three packets of seeds
Seeds just waiting to be sown

We have bought a few packets of seeds that need sowing soon. Some annuals, because they make the front garden look so pretty, Sunflowers for Bear to enjoy and Echinacea because I love them. If you have never sown seeds check out my guide for absolute beginners.

What are you planning to grow this year?


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