Monday 15 February 2016

Why I'm A Proud Grandmother

I'm a proud Grandmother.

Every day Bear does something that makes me laugh or gaze in wonderment at his new achievement. He is a really happy, mischievous little boy.

So what did he do this this week that made me so proud?

He hasn't been well for what seems like ages. Teething, cold, just off colour. This makes him short tempered and clingy.

I want to sit there, no not sit, carry me...not you! Put me down, pick me up...oh 

Whatever we do will be wrong. It's been that sort of week. (Update - Bear went to the Dr's on Friday and has a sore throat and an ear infection. He needed antibiotics too. No wonder he was grumpy)

Wednesday was Tot's club and off we went a little late. We are always late! It was heaving. Every toddler from North Cardiff must have turned up.

toddler looking into full room

We squeezed ourselves in and Bear went off to play. He found a nice little friend and they played happily at a table with tea cups, plates, that sort of thing. Then the inevitable happened...they both wanted the teapot. Neither was going to give in and a tug of war was about to develop when suddenly Bear let the boy have the teapot. He looked at Grandad and me, gave a huge smile and applauded himself! We, of course, praised him and he waited. It wasn't long before the other boy became bored with the teapot and Bear had his turn.

He could have pulled hard, he was slightly bigger than the other boy. He could have had a tantrum but no. He shared. What is more amazing is that he doesn't have to share at home or with us. He is an only child, everything is his.

That's why I am a very proud Grandmother.

Two toddlers playing with cups and teapots
Playing nicely. They are about the same size, the other toddler is sitting down.

Two toddlers playing with cups and teapots
Still good friends....

Two toddlers both wanting the teapot
Tug of war at it's best

The weather has been quite dry but cold this week so we went to our local park but sadly the swings are gone and it's being refurbished. That is fantastic news but what I don't understand is that the sign says work will begin on March 21st, and it's already dismantled. Next week is half term, I wonder why they didn't wait another week?

picture of frame without swings in park
No Swings. Frame nicely painted though.

sign saying work will start on 21st March, it's now only 11th Feb
Work will start on March 21st, mmm it's only 11th February

picture of fence isolating work in park
No big swings either

They did leave the wavy thing that I had no idea what it was. Bear knew and he's just the perfect height.

three pictures of a toddler walking through and under a metal frame

We tried painting this week. I really don't mind messy play at all so was happy for hands, face and more to get covered. Bear had other ideas. he hated it on his hands and just wanted to wash them. I will try again next week.

picture of a painting in red and a toddlers hand at a sink covered in red paint
Bear didn't like hand painting, or a brush, so straight to the sink to wash it off.

What's Bear been saying this week?

Nothing as amazing as "Don't touch" last week;

Poon                for spoon
I don't know     mostly copying one of us saying it
Tick Tock        at both digital and analogue clocks

He is starting to recognise colours. I quite often say things like "Green. Grass is green, and this ball, and your socks, they are all green" pointing to the object in question.

On Thursday I was giving him some orange and doing the same "this is orange, and that ball is orange and your cup is orange". Pointing to each in turn, and then he pointed to the orange fox on his dungerees!

He still refuses to call me Nanny. He just laughs if I ask him to say it. He is well aware of who we all are and will happily point at each of us in turn, including himself, when we say the names.

So I'm thinking of changing my name. I quite like Gorgeous or Darling, what do you think? 



  1. Well done Bear! That's indeed a very gracious thing to do! I think Gorgeous would suit you perfectly!

    1. Thankyou! When I suggested it to Bear he just laughed and shook his head. Need to think of another Lol

    2. Coming back to thank you for linking up with #abitofeverything.

  2. Aww! He sounds like such a sweetheart. You have every reason to be proud x

    1. He really is. I was expecting a fight and tears but he was so kind. So proud of him :-)

  3. In a world of mum and dad blogs, it's lovely to hear the grandparent's perspective too! #abitofeverything

    1. It's very biased from a grandparents view! He is so perfect and I feel so lucky to have so much time with him :-)

  4. I hope they put more equipment for little ones :-) it had a basketball net too so I hope they don't forget the bigger children.

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  6. Nice to see Bear's week. That is the trouble with wet days, everybody heads for toddlers. Our village only has about 20 under 2's so toddlers does not get overly busy.
    Well done on sharing. One of the joys of toddlers is they always have to share, but Dinky has learnt if she wants something and her twin brother also wants it he generally wins the fight for it, but then she just screams and he gives it back to her just to shut her up - nobody told him too think he just hates her screaming. I love the smug smile on his face as he pinches things off of her just to make her scream.
    Minky had a day like that in the park the other day, on-off, up-down, in-out etc Hope he feels better soon.

    1. Twins! I really do not know how anyone manages. We are always late to tots club, we are totally rubbish at getting out of the house. I always forget something. He's much better now the antibiotics have worked. I just hate it when he's ill.


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