Monday 29 February 2016

Doing It By Himself

Well Bear is all grown up. He doesn't need any help from Grandad or Nanny to have his bottle in the mornings. Or to drink water from an open cup. He doesn't need a morning nap either. He's doing it by himself.

Woe betide a helping hand! Teddy's will be thrown. There will be stomping of feet and slamming of doors. Then tears. 
We have to guess what it was we have done wrong, stop doing it and then all is right with the world.

He's a big boy now. He's 16¾ months old. He's doing it by himself. I just can't wait until he's a teenager.

toddler lying on floor with head on cushion, blanket over lap, drinking milk from bottle
Lots of tears and shouts before we got this exactly right. Happy grown up Bear.

toddler in highchair with orange cup drinking water
Drinking from an open cup. Put it to your mouth, tip, drink!

toddler leaning over drawer front. Feet off floor and head in drawer
I can reach

toddler reaching up to door handle
I can get my own coat

toddler sat on floor staring blankly, looks like he's about to nod off
I don't need a morning nap, I'm not even sleepy

toddler asleep in car seat
Just resting my eyes on the way to the shops....

reflection in mirror of toddler asleep in car seat with dummy
......Oh and on the way home too.

toddler playing in garden, sun shining
Water. If there is any water in the garden I can find it.

toddler alone running up ramp
I don't need anyone I know where I'm going.

toddler sat in shopping trolley
You are allowed to push me as long as I don't have to sit in that awful seat.

Happy toddler sat in washing basket with mouth wide open as if shouting
Smile for Mummy!

Toddler stood by open front door looking out
C'mon Grandad! I'm waiting.

Toddler and Aunty selfie both saying cheese
Selfie with Aunty Sarah. Say cheese.

What's new this week?

It looks like Bear has dropped his morning nap. It makes him super tired by the afternoon  but we were wasting at least an hour in the mornings trying to get him to nap, and failing.

He can drink out of a cup without spilling it all down his front

He continues to understand more complex instructions "Your sleeves are too long" Bear looks at his hands" Let me turn them up" Bear offers his arm for the sleeve to be rolled up.

He has a wicked sense of humour and laughs easily. For example. He was pointing at things for me to tell him the colour, blue bowl, white tray. He pointed faster and faster until I couldn't keep up and using noises and hands pretended my head exploded. He just fell about laughing....then we did it all over again.

He is starting to understand how to put glue onto paper to stick things. He made a daffodil at Tots for St David's Day and he did all the glue himself.

No new words but the ones he already uses are spoken clearer. He is a great mimic too. 
Sing a word or phrase. Bear will copy. 

Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do 

The crows make a racket. Bear will "caw" loudly.

Do you have a grown-up toddler? 



  1. I totally understand not wanting to travel backwards in the shopping trolley seat. Bear has the right idea for sure!


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