Monday 22 February 2016

Half Term Hibernation

It's half term this week so all of us who have only pre-school children have hidden away and hibernated until the big children go back to school and give us our peace and quiet back. Everything costs more and is so busy. I know that's how it is but if you have a couple of school age children it just works out so expensive. Although idle hands.......

Toddler bent over in kitchen drawer, onions scattered across the foor
Bear throwing onions out of the drawer, potatoes next.

Dishwasher with utilities bill place in the plate rack
Bear helped to load the dishwasher.

toddler sat on bottom stair with head to one side looking innocent
Me? Naughty? Not me!

The weather has been glorious. Very cold and sunny and it only rained on Wednesday.

Bear just loves being outside and is just getting over his sore throat and ear infection so we wrapped him up all warm and went in search of swings. Our local playground had removed the swings for upgrading so we ventured a little further (in the car not walking unfortunately) and found our other favourite playground chained up!

metal yellow gate and black fence chained together and padlocked
Chained up gate to our playground

empty playground
No children playing on a sunny day at half term. They are outside looking in.

Bear didn't mind he's too young to realise he couldn't go on the swings so we made the best of it.

Four pictures of a toddler on a climbing frame. Lots of smiles
Bear enjoying the climbing frame 

toddler walking on path in park carrying daffodil.
Bear legging it with his golden treasure- a daffodil

Back of a toddler walking on path next to a quiet road in sunshine

We spent lots of time in the garden just pottering, splashing in puddles and moving stones. Bear likes to move the gravel from the greenhouse floor to anywhere else at all. I have no idea how we will mow the lawn in the spring!

toddler in greenhouse with trowel and gravel in bucket
Ooh! Stones make a splash when dropped into water

Grandad carrying toddler in garden, looks like they looking at something and are talking to each other.
What have they found?

toddler crouched in puddle touching the water with his hand
A puddle!

What's new this week?

He points to the dentinox and puts his finger into his mouth and rubs his teeth

His favourite new word this week is dark. He also grunts and points when he wants something. I think we may need to work on that a little.

If we read together he is more involved, he knows what comes next.

When we read his first books for babies if I ask "where's the ......" he points to the picture. It used to be just simple things like balloons, cats, dogs, ducks. Now he knows so many more. Clever Bear.

Did you hibernate for half term or face the crowds? 




  1. We hide at home when it's school holidays too! haha! Good to see my son isn't the only one who loves to empty the kitchen draws! x #abitofeverything

    1. I always want to go out but just can't face the crowds!


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