Monday 8 February 2016

Kissing Worms and Other Toddler Delights

We have had a great week. Bear finally seems to have recovered from whatever it was that made him poorly last week, although Grandad is now full of cold.

On Monday Bear helped me make Blueberry Muffins. Now I'm not the best baker so he couldn't really mess it up and they are so easy to make anyway. I halved the amount of sugar so they were toddler friendly and used frozen blueberries. The problem with frozen blueberries is that when they thaw lots of  lovely blue juice runs out.

toddler sat on chair with blueberry stain around mouth
I helped with the blueberries!

Bear helped with the blueberries and the cases. He tasted the sugar (mmm nice) the flour (mmm not sure and confusing because he was looking for flower) and the salt (mmm nice too).

He stirred the egg and helped sift the flour. It's a shame he's too young for raw eggs because licking the cake mix is the best part.

The kitchen ended up a mess but he just loves to help.

Kitchen wortop with bowl, flour, mixer and other baking stuff spread all over

Blueberry muffins in blue paper cases

He even likes cleaning at Tots club.

Toddler with toy Vacuum cleaner

It's been quite sunny and warm this week in-between the showers so we have spent more time in the garden and the local park. Bear has watched ants crawl and found a dead ladybird. He uncovered some worms and bent down to give them a kiss! Oh no, kissing worms is not good.

picture of two worms on a step
Worms that were hiding and Bear wanted to kiss

toddler in garden pointing up
Blueberry stains on his mouth, a handful of soil and pointing at wind chimes. What more could a toddler want?

toddler with watering can in green house all wrapped up with scarf and hood
All wrapped up against the cold

toddler sat on steps in park
Sat on the steps watching the world go by

After my failure to see anything during the Big Garden Birdwatch (you can read about it here), this week we have had lots of visitors including Bluetits, Jays, Magpies and Pigeons.

pigeon eating seeds
Photo taken through the kitchen window of a Pigeon eating seeds. .

Bear hit a milestone this week. He's been chattering away for ages, he mimics everything we say but this week it was different. He practised his first sentence. Don't Touch!

Do we say it to him so often that it's the first thing he thought to say?

I have a side table next to the sofa where I sit that has a few bits and pieces on it. The land phone, the TV remotes, a collection of letters that need to be replied to, that sort of thing. Bear has been told from an early age not to touch, it's Nanny's. He completely ignores me of course because who can resist such delights?

On Thursday Bear stood by my table and pointed at each item in turn and said "Don't touch!" then wandered away.

Later in the afternoon he was sat on the bottom step tapping his feet. He wanted to go to bed for a nap and had placed Grandads boots and his wellies on the step. I automatically picked them up and put them on the floor.

"Don't touch!" he scolded. He then picked up his wellies and whilst saying don't touch he put them back onto the step, then onto the floor. "Don't touch!" he said again looking straight at me.

"OK" I replied "I won't touch. I will leave them there. Lets go to bed".  Bear climbed the stairs and I managed to take a quick photo before chasing after him.

I think it won't be long before I can begin a "what the toddler said" series of posts!



  1. Those muffins looks fab - even if the blueberries were disappearing elsewhere! ;) Hehe, I never know what it is with toddlers and creepy crawlies. Marianna had a spider the other day but I had to leave her to it until her dad took if from her! x

    1. He was just so fascinated then crouched down to kiss it. He just loves creepy crawlies

  2. Aww! How adorable. Those muffins look so tasty. Way better than I can bake. hehehe
    It looks like you've been having great fun x

    1. Thankyou, I have just started baking again now Bear is able to join in. He just loves stirring and sprinkling things

  3. Lovely post, even though I don't want Aria to grow up too quickly I am looking forward to baking with her. I made banana & blueberry muffins with frozen blueberries the other week, Spencer has banned me from giving them to her as they are so messy haha!
    Well done Bear on your first sentence, love that it was Don't Touch!

    1. They are really so messy! He loves helping, it takes lots of patience as he is so young but I don't mind. I didnt have the time to do ity with my children

  4. I bet seeing the birds finally after not spotting them when you were looking added to the excitement of spotting them.

  5. Such a lovely week filled with so many activities! Haha, I love how kids have so much fun with toy hoovers, but give them a real one and they'll refuse to clean up :P x #abitofeverything

    1. So true. He doesn't like the noise so I never have one on when he is with me.

  6. Looks like you've got yourself an excellent little helper there! Not to mention adorable. They do like to help out, don't they? My 5-year-old loves to "help" when I'm baking, but seems to be more excited about the scrapings than the actual cake! ;) #abitofeverything.

    1. He just loves "helping". It just takes me ages to tidy up afterwards :-)

  7. LOL...."Don't Touch!"! They do tend to repeat what we say most often! My #2 used to say "NO!" Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything...I do love licking the cake batter - it is indeed the best part!

    1. No! haha! he says that too. I think he will love licking the bowl when he's older :-)


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