Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Cardiff Garden In December

I started the series of "A Cardiff Garden In...." as a record of my garden through the seasons. Bright and summery. Colourful autumn days. Cold, frosty winter days.

This year it has rained. It rained all spring, summer, autumn and now winter. In fact it has been raining here almost every day for the last 4 weeks. So instead of beautiful pictures of frost I have mud and puddles.

Cardiff is often wetter and warmer than the east of the UK and being in a city it's also about a degree warmer but it is still very mild for us. Today, a rare day with some sunshine, it was 14C in the garden, and felt a lot warmer in the sun, very warm for December. It has been so mild the plants are confused and think it's spring so they are putting out new shoots and flowering. This means when (if?) the cold weather and frosts hit us in January and February they will get frosted and die.

But if we look closer we will see the true beginnings of spring, the daffodils are breaking through and the cyclamen is about to flower.

picture of aubretia in flower poking through metal fence
Parts are very summery still- the Aubretia is still in full bloom

picture of camellia in flower

picture of camellia bud
Another about to open

picture of forget-me-not in flower
Forget-me-not thinking it's spring

picture of fuschia in flower

picture of pelargonium in flower

picture of new shoots on the clematis
New shoots on the Clematis.....

picture of new shoots on the abelia
...... the Abelia

picture of new shoots on the rose
....... the Rose

picture of new shoots on the passion flower
and new leaves on the Passion flower

picture of plastic saucers full of rain water
So much rain, everything is full of water....

picture of glass half full of rain water
......even the glass that I use as a candle holder

picture of two toadstools
So wet we have toadstools and lots of moss

picture of red Cotoneaster leaves
Beautiful red Cotoneaster leaves

picture of the oak against a blue cloudless sky
All the leaves from the Oak have now gone

picture of buds on the Magnolia against a clear blue sky
Buds on the Magnolia against a perfectly clear blue sky

picture of a flower bud of cyclamen
The Cyclamen just pushing up it's first flower bud

picture of the daffodils pushing through the soil
Daffodils just pushing through the soil

picture of a tree with fairy lights
The Bay Tree looking festive in the porch

picture of a tree with fairy lights
Our potted Christmas tree looking pretty on the decking

Merry Christmas


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