Monday 28 December 2015

Our First Blogging Christmas

Bear was born in October last year so he's had his first Christmas. He wasn't very impressed. He thought Father Christmas and all that present giving was a bore. He slept through most of it, well the days he did. The nights he quite liked to be awake and playing 20 questions. You've played them. Has he had a poo? Is he in pain? Is he too young to be teething? Is he hungry and so on into the night.

Bear in his Elf suit. Bit too big but so cute.

This year was our first Christmas. Bears and Cardigans. It was fantastic. He knows how to pull paper off presents, he knows how to crouch low and peer through the tiniest hole to see what's inside. He just loves all the new toys.

Bear about to open his present

Aha! That's how you do it!

This looks good 

He loved Christmas dinner. He was teething but put on a brave face and we found a new tooth! A great big molar, top left. Well done Bear.

Bear loving his Christmas dinner, 2 seconds later the bowl was on his head.....

And after I washed the food out of his hair he looked like this lol!

He found a new best friend, his uncle to be. My daughters fiancé. He couldn't do anything wrong!

"Give Mummy a kiss?"  No! *vigorous shake of the head*
"Give Daddy a kiss No! No! *push him away*.

I want to kiss Uncle J, he's great! In fact I want to be carried around the house with him, oh Aunty S...she's OK but Uncle J!

Uncle J, Aunty S and Bear 

Oh and today Mummy tells me he can snap his fingers! He's been practising for a while but actually made the noise! Clever boy.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and that Father Christmas brought you what you wanted.

Our-First-Blogging-Christmas-picture-of-baby- looking-up
Bear last year

Our beautiful Bear this year.

What was your favourite part of Christmas?



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