Wednesday 23 December 2015

The Joys of Being a Grandmother

I sit here with the sun shining and the most precious thing in my life asleep upstairs. My grandson, Bear. I have two children so why are they not the most precious things in my life? Well they were until last year. They are still very precious but they are grown up. They have flown the nest. They are adults in their own worlds. My son is now a father, my daughter an aunty. Our relationships have changed. 

Every grandmother says it's the best thing that ever happened but I didn't believe it. How could anything be better than having your own child?

"For you maybe" I thought "but not for me. Nothing could be better than your own child". How wrong I was!

From the moment he was born, from the second I held him at only a few hours old I knew I was hooked. I was smitten. I was a grandmother.


What are the joys of being a grandmother?

The Perfect Child

Everything about a grandchild is perfect, Bear is no exception. Just his little face brings me joy. His smile, his soft skin, his giggles, his temper tantrums, his bottom in the air when he sleeps....

Sharing Toast

I never thought that sharing my toast would bring me such pleasure, his cheeky grin when he has a piece of my toast. Making sure I have unsalted butter and something Bear can eat just so we can share. When he's not with me I can have Marmite or marmalade. It's not the same, I like to share.


Bear doesn't like a fuss, he doesn't like to be hugged and messed with except just before his nap. Then he likes to be cwtched until he's almost asleep. 

He's drifting, feeling heavy. His eyes are shut. His legs are dangling. His breathing is even. He has stopped muttering. He's almost asleep.........It's just the most perfect moment.

Having Time

Having time just for him. When he is with me everything else takes second place. This was not possible as a parent. There was always something that needed to be done. Washing, shopping, cleaning, cooking, work. With children it's always later, when this is done, when I come home, later. 

With grandchildren it is now, yes we will do that now. We don't have later because that is when they've gone home. We have now.

I can leave everything until Bear goes home. He has 100% of me and I get 100% of him.

He Loves Me

Yes I know children love their parents more than anything else but love is not a finite thing. There is enough for everyone and Bear has some for me. His smile when he sees me, his arms outstretched for me to hold him, his shout if I leave the room. He loves me.

Giving Them Back

This is not what you are thinking, after a busy day or if they cry or are grizzly the old saying of "best thing about grandchildren is that you can give them back". 

Not at all. I actually don't mind those moments, they are part of who Bear is. No, it's the moment I pass him over to his mummy or daddy and it feels right.  

There is none of the anxiety I had when I handed my child over to someone else. No pain on parting. No fear he will be dropped.  No worrying that they do not know what he likes to eat or how he likes to sleep.  No wondering if he's crying now I've gone or if he will miss me. No none of that, just pleasure that I have had a wonderful time and he is now exactly where he should be.

What about your child or grandchild brings you joy? 




  1. Aww, this is a sweet, thoughtful post :) I don't have children or grandchildren but I will look forward to moments like this if I ever do decide to have any

  2. He's so cute and sounds well behaved too x


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