Sunday 20 December 2015

Bears 1st Christmas Party

This week was Bears first Tots Club Christmas Party. We weren't too sure how much he would enjoy it but we were determined to go. Bear refused his morning nap which meant we got to the party on time (yeah!) but he was very tired (booo!) so after an hour we decided to leave. That was plenty of time for us!

toddler being held and watching everyone
Watching with Grandad

toddler concentrating on whats going on
Concentrating hard on everything

toddler in pudding suit holding stars
Stars in his hands, just waiting for me to turn my back so he can taste them

He is getting so confident now, sitting with the other children and sharing their food, not his food mind just theirs!

toddlers sat on floor with food on plates
Eating hula hoops and grapes

toddlers sat on floor with food on plates, one child taking food from anothers plate
Just help yourself to my food!

He also did the actions to the Rabbit song. We only remember the words when we sing along but it goes from them lying down and being still, Shh Shh, finger to lips To wake up! Everyone jump up!

See the bunnies sleeping
'til it's nearly noon
Shall we wake them
With a merry tune?
They're so still, shhs, are they ill? Shhh
Wake up, little bunnies
Hop little bunnies
Hop, hop, hop, 
Hop, hop, hop,
Hop little bunnies
Hop, hop, hop, 
Hop, hop, hop

toddler on hands and knees about to lie down
Crawling, just about to get down...

toddler lying down, aww so cute
Lying down but only pretending

toddler kneeling with finger out to say shhh
Shh! He's so chuffed he now knows what to do!

He was great and I managed to get a couple of blurred photo's!

He also helped Grandad put the decorations on the tree, and take them off, and put them on.....

toddler and Christmas tree with adult arm in view
I'll just take this one off...

New words this week

Bear is now copying every word that is said and it sounds correct! He chatters away and sings to himself, when he does this most of the words are just sounds but new words used in context are;

Poo. When he's done a poo, shame it's not everytime! Just once or twice.
Star. He recognises the star shape in all its disguises and says star


Bear is really getting into copying actions, as in the above Rabbit song or touching his nose when the Tombliboo's sing their song.

He also say 'bbl bbl' and puts his finger to his ear. That's the noise the kettle makes, it bubbles and then we wait for it to go ping!

His Galt pop up toy is colour coded. I showed him the stick men and the colours and showed him where they should go and he put lots into the correct hole! He even took the yellow man and put it next to his big yellow duck. When I praised him he clapped his hands. I'm sure he recognises colours just have to learn the names.

picture of a toddlers feet
Bears cute couldn't resist
Naughtiness. Oh he was so naughty on Friday morning! Deliberately throwing things or banging them against the TV. Turning the washing machine off multiple times. Usually a quick reminder not to do these things stops him, or I distract him. But not on Friday. He only stopped when he was removed from the area or had the item taken from him. Guess what happened next, yep lots of tears and arched back. Funnily after his nap he was good as gold again!


Bear can understand multiple and complex directions such as 'pick up the red car and put it into the box' or 'what have you got? Rubbish? Take it to the kitchen and put it in the rubbish bag'. Although he's half way to the bag before I finish the sentence.

It was a good week, lots of fun, but Bear ate well and is completely over his cold. He's still teething with one tooth just trying to come through.

Oh and the lady in Asda said he was the cutest pudding she had ever seen!

Toddler sat in shopping trolley wearing Christmas pudding suit
The cutest pudding ever

I don't have Bear again until Christmas day so from Bear

Merry Christmas

Have you been to any Christmas Parties this week?



  1. Little ones of this age are like sponges, they absorb so much and learn so quickly. He is a really cute pudding!

    1. Every day he changes, he's really into copying actions now,miss so sweet!

  2. what a little cutie!! love the christmas romper suits he is wearing

  3. Oh how cute. He looks adorable in that pudding outfit. It's always amazing how quickly they pick up new things

    1. It's all happening so quickly! Time really does fly.

  4. He sure is a cute pudding. I'm so glad you put the words to the bunny song on here. I can never remember them lol. Love the fact he's confident to sneak food lol. Xx

    1. Haha! No sneaking, just walked up and took a handful of hula hoops. That's why the little blond girl has her hands on her plate, and his lol

  5. I love his Christmas pudding suit - so cute - so glad he had a good time at The Christmas party even if he was very hungry. He is growing so much so quickly

    Laura x

    1. He certainly is growing quickly and it's great to see him eating as he can be really fussy

  6. What a lovely party and isn't bear doing so well. I love his outfit too, where did you get it?


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