Monday 14 August 2017

Our Weekly Journal 14th August 2017 - Going Potty!

The new entrance to St Fagans National History Museum

Our Weekly Journal 14th August 2017 - Going Potty!

This week I was hoping to spam this post with new baby pictures but our new grandson will not be rushed, he may have been due on the 9th but he will come when he is ready. While we are waiting we have stayed close to home incase we are needed. The weather hasn't been kind either but we did manage to get out. Bear has been practising using the potty again and is getting so good, he is also dressing and undressing himself. This takes an age but I have to be patient and try not to interfere. If I do I get told off very loudly!

I was given a travel potty to review (we loved it you can read the full review here). Bear loved it too and used it in the house without any prompting. We decided to take it to St Fagans National History Museum. We thought that if it rained heavily we could just duck into one of the many buildings. We were not alone in this thought, by lunch time it had become very busy but because it is so big we still managed to see all we wanted without too much trouble.

The new entrance is now open, this is great as it cuts a lot of walking just to get to the first building.
The foyer is huge! Bizarrely squashed into one corner are some solid plastic sofas and chairs, Bear loved them but there was so much space I thought they could have been slightly more central.

The sofa is solid plastic, so not a place to lounge around.

Bear rushing off to the next building, a toll house

Bear loved posing with his potty, although occasionally he got it a little wrong.

We looked in the furnished terrace houses, but couldn't find a kitchen, just a fire with pots on.

He looked, but couldn't find the water.

My favourite photo. He looks so happy. He is pretending to play the drums on the seats in the roundhouse

Bear hasn't been having a daytime nap for a while now. This makes him very, very grumpy. He really needs at least half an hour but just refuses to sleep. He has never been a child to fall asleep just anywhere so if he is not in his bed then he doesn't sleep. He used to sleep in the car, but has stopped doing that too. Until this week, he literally ran all day at the museum, he only stopped when we sat down for a coffee. He just couldn't help himself, he slept on the way home and for a few minutes on the drive when we got home.


Rain, rain go away! Come back another day!

Well just go away! We didn't want to go far because of the weather forecast (rain and more rain) so we visited Tredegar Park, it's very close and free to visit the park, they do charge for car parking, but we have subscription so parking is free.

Bear loves riding his bike there and there is a small playground. He rode through the puddles and watched the groundsman cut the grass. We had a long walk all the way around and got back to the car before the heavens opened.

Bear fell asleep on the way home (again) but as it is so close we drove around the lanes until he was properly asleep, he then had another half hour on the drive.

Splash! Yes he did get wet but hey, that's what it's all about. Soon enough he will be too old to enjoy splashing in puddles.

Watching grass being cut is better than any TV show...and they wave back!

More Zzzzzzz

We are decorating the spare room, so we spent Friday laying the floor. I wanted white painted floorboards but the floor wasn't good enough to paint so I chose vinyl. My knees still hurt from kneeling down but it does look good, and feels lovely and soft under foot.

The floor is now down, this was taken before the final fitting. The paintwork and walls really do need to be painted.

I hope to introduce you all to the new addition next week, I still need a blog name for him but I am hoping once he's here and I see him it will just come.

We are going to wait until after the baby to potty train Bear but I have a feeling he will have done it himself by then. Everything I have read is to wait until they are ready and then it is done quickly and is less stressful. I think that's good advice.



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