Tuesday 29 August 2017

Bedroom Makeover with Valspar Paint


Bedroom Makeover with Valspar Paint*

Our spare bedroom was in dire need of a make over. I wanted to incorporate a home office and make the room bright and cheery. It was my daughters bedroom but she moved out many years ago and the room had just become a place to dump stuff. Valspar Paints provided me with everything I would need to redecorate as part of their Valspar Paint Club. They invite people to join their club and get free paint to decorate.

I planned to paint three walls and wallpaper the fourth. I chose the wallpaper first and built the room around it. I used a sample of the wallpaper to choose the paint colour. You can see my original mood board here.

As you can see from the before photos the paintwork had yellowed badly and the walls were bashed and marked. The carpet was stained and very tatty, I needed to throw it all away and start afresh.


The bedroom had become a dumping ground and was in dire need of a makeover
The woodwork had yellowed and the pictures were a little out of date!

The carpet and wallpaper had to go too


We went to B&Q and were overwhelmed by the choice, there are over 2000 different colours and you can take a sample for them to mix your unique shade. There is every colour you could think of. An assistant used their matching machine to get exactly the right colour from our sample. You only need a sample the size of a 5p coin to get a match. We chose Valspar Premium Blend v700 in the shade Morning Haze. The Premium Blend is a paint and primer in one and is stain-resistant with scrub ability. It would be perfect for childrens bedrooms as it is low odour too.

The assistant mixed the paint and put a label on top. Using this information you can then go back and get more paint of exactly the same colour if you have underbought.

The whole process was really simple. We also bought all the brushes and rollers that we would need.

We chose Valspar Premium Gloss paint for the woodwork. It promises to be tough and non-yellowing. Something I think is really important for white paint.

The Valspar Stand in B&Q, every colour you can imagine. In the centre is a section with different lights so you can compare the colour in day light and artificial light.

My haul of brushes and rollers

We decided to lay the vinyl flooring before we painted the walls and woodwork as I didn't want to damage it with the flooring. In the photo you can see how yellow the woodwork had become.


My husband then painted the walls with the Valspar Premium paint and he was really impressed. It covered really well and went on like a dream. No drips or splatter on our lovely new flooring. He only needed one coat with just a few small places that needed touching up after it had dried. This meant that we used much less paint than we thought we would. We were covering a similar colour, maybe if you were making a dramatic change then two coats may be needed.

What I love about the paint is that it changes hue with the light. When the sun is shining brightly through the window it looks quite blue, as the sun moves around it changes to a subtle blue/grey. I love it. It seems to reflect lots of light and the room feels bright and fresh.

In this light the walls look quite blue

Here the walls are a subtle blue/grey

We also used the Valspar primer and gloss for wood work. This was a bit disappointing. Our woodwork was very yellow and we hoped the primer would cover it allowing just one coat of gloss. the primer was very watery and didn't make much of a difference. The gloss went on easily, it dried quickly and washed out of the brushes with water which was an unexpected bonus. We needed two coats of gloss and if it was a room that was used more often I would have done another coat. That would have meant four coats of paint to cover the woodwork.

It does look lovely and has really freshened up the room. The Valspar paint brushes and rollers were excellent quality. The brushes left no brush marks and not one bristle was shed. They washed up really easily and the rollers were perfect too. I would definitely by this brand again.

The doors do look very white after a few coats of paint
Before and After

We had not heard of Valspar Paint before and were surprised at the choice. I wouldn't buy the gloss for woodwork again, I think I prefer solvent based gloss paint even though it does smell really bad and takes much longer to dry but it covers in one or two coats without a primer.
If you are looking for a quick drying, low odour gloss for woodwork and are painting over the same colour base coat then this would be good for you.

I would definitely buy the Premium Blend v700 for walls and ceilings again. It may be a little more expensive than cheaper brands but it covers so well and is so easy to apply it works out great value. (£28 for 2.5L).

I love my new room and was going to show you the rest of the room with the wallpaper and home office but that didn't work out as I expected. It's not quite finished so I could't include it in this post. I will be writing a separate post about my home office and the wallpaper saga will be included in that.

*Valspar Paint provided the paint, brushes and rollers for this review as part of their Valspar Paint Club. All opinions are honest and my own. You can join in too, although this session is now closed, follow them on social media so you are first to know when they open the next round.





  1. Wow I had no idea they had such a range of colours - we are due to redecorate our living room soon, so I will be keeping my eye out for Valspar paint :)

    1. It's lovely paint, we will definitely be using it again

  2. I love the new colour! It looks so peaceful! Fab style!

    1. Thank you, I absolutely love it. I just sit there and look lol

  3. That looks great. Love the feature wallpaper. You were right to build the room around it. Top job!!

  4. It's amazing how much different some paint can make to a place. I've not used paint within my property and managed to stick with white and a statement wallpaper wall x

    1. I did that with my first house, I used to change the wallpaper in my childrens bedrooms every few months (seriously I did) but now I love some colour in the room

  5. We are about to start decorating Pickle's room, so will definitely keep this in mind. You've done a fab job! x

    1. Thank you, it's lovely paint to use and so many colours

  6. A lovely improvement. You must feel really pleased with how it has turned out. I haven't heard of these paints either, thanks for letting me know! Kate | www.fivelittlestars.com

  7. I love decorating and it's amazing what a lick of paint can do! We used Valspar recently and it is such good quality paint!

    1. It really is. My husband does most of the decorating and he's a hard man to please. He loved it.

  8. I love what you have done with the room here. Looks great.

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