Monday 21 August 2017

Our weekly Journal 21st August 2017- Colds and A New Baby


Our weekly Journal 21st August 2017- Colds and A New Baby

It's been a very long week. It feels at least twice as long as the usual 7 days, mostly because we have been waiting (and waiting) for Bears brother to make an entrance. Bear was so excited to be a big brother. Unfortunately he had a really nasty cold, which we all then caught, and it made him really tired.

The weather has been really unpredictable too, sun one minute and torrential rain the next so we stayed close to home. Bear couldn't have coped with anything too strenuous though and even an hour in the local park wore him out.

He has become so confident on the play equipment. He can almost swing himself, he knows the movements but gets bored before he gets moving! He is climbing on all the frames, stuff that a week ago he was too timid to try he can do with ease. His face is a delight to see each time he conquers a new piece of equipment. There are no pictures though as I was one side and Grandad the other ready to catch him if he slipped.


It was all too much so a little cwtch* and he was asleep

Most of the week it rained, usually we would don our waterproofs and just get on with it but we were all feeling a bit fragile so we did painting, played cards and played with cars. We also made cakes. Bear is keen to do everything himself, with as little help as possible. It does mean a few heart in mouth moments but he is very capable. I showed him how to mix the cake batter and he was soon doing it unaided. He makes a lovely cake but refuses to taste one.

My little chef. 

And he's asleep again. Car rides haven't helped him sleep for months but this week he just couldn't resist a nap

Straight to the top of the climbing frame. He had never managed to do it before. 

All cwtched up with his iPad (well actually it's my iPad)


Then at 14.45 on Friday, 18th August our second grandson was born. Perfect in every way. A fantastic 8lb 10oz (same weight as his Aunty S). It's nice to have a chubby baby as Bear was induced a week early, his Mummy had gestational diabetes and they were worried he would be too big, he was 6lb 9oz. A tiny baby. It made me quite nervous as he was so small.

Welcome to our family little one, Mummy and Daddy have given you a name, I just need to decide on one for the blog.

Proud Nanny with the newest member of the family xx

*cwtch - Is a Welsh word that doesn't translate directly into English but think of a big soft hug, a cuddle, all snuggly and full of love and safe. Well it's that and a bit more.



  1. It really has been and 'up and down' week for you all, hasn't it? Both boys are gorgeous x

    1. It would have been OK if we hadn't had these awful colds. They make me so tired its an effort to do anything. The baby is gorgeous (of course!)

  2. Oh this newborn is so cute. I can clearly see the innocence on baby's face.


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