Tuesday 22 August 2017

Save Money & Space with These Great Space Saving Kids Beds


Save Money & Space with These Great Space Saving Kids Beds*

Now that Bear has a brother it made me think about how I am going to fit them both into our small box room. I will need something that they will love and is practical too. At the moment they will be fine in their cots but as they grow they will need proper beds and our room is too small for that. 

I know I am not alone, how do you fit a bed, a desk and  a chest of drawers into a small bedroom? What about sleepovers? Where do you put up a friend? Room To Grow specialises in children's space saving beds. Here are five of my favourites.

5 Great Space Saving Kids Beds

1. Jubilee Bunk Bed 

The classic solution is a bunk bed, gone are the days of garish orange pine now there are really stylish beds in modern finishes. The Jubilee bunk bed comes in soft grey or ivory white. There is plenty of room underneath for storage, a great place to store toys.

Jubilee Bunk Bed 

2. Solitaire Ultimate High Sleeper 

If you want one bed but need to fit a desk or other furniture in a small space then a high sleeper is ideal. This has room for a desk, a chair and a chest of drawers.

Solitaire Ultimate High Sleeper with desk and chair

3.  Solitaire White Mid Sleeper

I really love this idea, great if your little one doesn't like the height of the high sleeper and still room for a pull out desk and chest of drawers. 

Solitaire White Mid Sleeper with pull out desk and chair

4. Fargo Painswick Blue High Sleeper 

I mentioned sleep overs and the next two beds are perfect for that. My first choice is a high bed with a futon and desk underneath. The futon can be used as seating and when a friend sleeps over it can easily be pulled out as a full size single bed. 

Fargo Painswick Blue High Sleeper 

5. Solitaire White Triple Bunk Bed

This bed is so clever, it can be used as a traditional bunk bed but when a friend sleeps over there is room on the small double for them. This would also be perfect if three children needed to share a room and only takes up a little more space than a single bed.

Solitaire White Triple Bunk Bed
All the beds in the range can be split to make traditional beds or with a kit be transformed into mid sleepers or high sleepers. These really will grow with your child and they look good too. At the time of writing there is a summer sale on, so not only can you save space but you can save money too.

*Collaborative post



  1. I love the idea of beds like this to save space....The Solitaire White Midsleeper is fab...My youngest girls room is really small so something like this would be perfect. x

  2. For those of us with limited space in our homes these beds would be life saver especially one with the desk unit underneath

  3. These beds are so good for space saving, I remember quite a few of my friends when I was a kid had the ones with a pull out desk underneath x

  4. I love how these beds have storage units and they are all so pretty as well. I had something like this when I was younger x

  5. My little one has a bed very simular to the Solitaire White Mid Sleeper, he actually has a huge room but he has no storage, so we got it for that. love it has a desk. trouble is sometimes the price!!!! We got our almost new off a selling page for half the price!

  6. I LOVE THESE! I wanted a bunk bed my whole childhood but, as an only child, it never made sense to have one. Now I'm seriously considering one for my kids.

  7. These are great. I've not heard of room to grow. We have. Something similar for our eldest but will be looking for one for our youngest one the times comes x

  8. Fab suggestions. I love the Jubilee bunk bed and the storage always comes in handy with the amount of stuff my two accumulate :) x

  9. My two are a bit too little for bunk beds but I'm sure they would absolutely love them when they are bit older. I used to have a cabin bed when I was younger and I absolutely loved it!

  10. Some great beds here! We have recently moved out three into the same room, meaning we now have a play room. We were unsure about the move initially, however we came across a great range of beds and went for a triple bunk bed, so glad we did the bed we bought is really well made and has created so much room and space for extra storage. https://www.cuckooland.com/kids-bedrooms/kids-beds

  11. we had to make our own space saving beds when the kids were little, hubby built the bed on top of chest of drawers and book shelves to give them that extra storage, great to see how far they've come and so much safer these days i expect

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