Thursday 3 August 2017

I've lost 2 Stone so Why Haven't I dropped 4 Dress Sizes?


I've lost 2 Stone So Why Haven't I dropped 4 Dress Sizes?

I read somewhere that for every half a stone you lose, you lose a dress size. I have lost two stone with Slimming World (yeah go me!) but haven't lost a dress size yet. How is that? Am I cheating?

Well to kick off I am not cheating. I really have lost two stone and have the lovely award to go with it so why haven't I lost any dress sizes?

The reason I started on SW was because I just couldn't squeeze into my clothes any more. They were cutting in and squashing my boobs. I had already moved into my "fat" clothes and they were too tight. You know the ones. The Marks and Spencers jogging bottoms that are huge but you do not have to go up a size so you kid yourself you are the same size, it's only when you nip into Next to try something on and you cannot pull them up let alone do them up that you realise you are at least two sizes larger than you think.

I am also a boy shape, I have never had a waist really, just straight up and down so female shaped clothes do not fit. I have to buy much larger sizes to fit my waist and then they are huge on my hips, they look like jodphurs. When I was young (and very slim) I wore men's Levi jeans as they fitted me the best. Those of you of a certain age will remember the shrink to fit jeans. Many a teenager sat in a bath wearing their jeans so they would shrink in all the right places, then dry them on the line. Buying a new pair of Levi's was an adventure, not to be taken lightly or swiftly. Anyway I digress.

So why haven't I lost any dress sizes? Well I think I have. My jogging bottoms that were too tight to sit down in now fall when I walk, I can't go to the next size down yet as they feel too tight. I have got used to really baggy trousers I suppose.

I have dug out some old tops that I couldn't get on and they fit again and those tight ones, the one's that squashed my boobs? They are now loose. So I must have lost a few dress sizes, and the weight loss is showing, mostly in my face. I have lost one of my triple chins and I am feeling slimmer.

All of you about to lose weight, or who are already on the journey do one thing that I always say to do but I didn't and that is measure yourself first. Measure a few places such as the usual waist, hips, chest but also thigh and upper arm, then you will see the inches fall off. (Inches are a measurement us oldies like, you can use centimetres if you must)

If I had worn the correct size clothes, and all stores sold the same size, I would definitely have lost a few dress sizes. Four? I doubt it, but definitely two.

Me back in January and wearing the same clothes on Sunday. I am glad I took a before photo as I can now see how much I have lost. 




  1. You're looking good! Keep up the good work:)

  2. I'm also losing weight but not clothing sizes. I have decided my tummy has relaxed in recent years so I guess I have to be cool about it too!

    1. Yes tummies are the worst and that's where I want to lose the most, I think I may need to do some excercises to help pull mine in.

  3. Ha! I live in M&S jogging bottoms LOL.
    You can certainly see that you have lost the two stone; well done you, no mean feat!.


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