Monday 21 March 2016

Planting, Postman Pat and a Picnic

We've had a busy week full of planting seeds, Postman Pat and even had a picnic. We've been out for walks and iced biscuits at Tots club. Our weeks are now too busy to squeeze all the lovely photo's into one post so I've decided to write individual posts about where we go and what we do and link them all up in our weekly round up. Just click on the links to read more.

This week we learnt how to plant seeds and searched for giants at Fforest Fawr Sculpture Trail.

Planting, Postman Pat and a Picnic.  toddler planting seeds into flower pots
Planting sunflower seeds with Grandad. Just 3 to each pot please!
We spent many happy hours watching Postman Pat with his daddy when he was little. Reading the books, again and again. I realised just how long ago it was as Pat now is married and has a son of his own. Bear particularly likes Jess, the black and white cat. Now I've got the tune in my head and it'll probably stay there all day.

Planting, Postman Pat and a Picnic  toddler close to TV watching Postman Pat
Watching Postman Pat. 

Planting, Postman Pat and a Picnic Toddler sat at feet of adult watching TV
Bear made himself comfortable with Grandad

It was nice and sunny and Bear was desperate to get into the garden. We only have sunshine on the decking for part of the day so wanted to make the most of it and had a little picnic. It was freezing! Bear loved it and he just doesn't seem to get cold like I do.

Planting, Postman Pat and a Picnic. toddler standing on decking with blanket and cushion

Then at Tots club he iced a biscuit. He didn't know that they could be eaten so he didn't try any but just loved the little balls and carried some around putting them into things.

He so confident now too. Joining in with the songs although to misquote Eric Morecambe; he knows all the right moves but not necessarily in the right order.

Iced biscuit with butterflies and coloured balls
Iced biscuit

Toddlers laying down and one standing up singing
Bear dancing when he should be sleeping because he likes the dancing best.

toddler stood on toolbox at bathroom sink
Just love his curls  
Bear now likes a nap just once a day and he likes that to be between 10am and 11am and for about 2 hours. He also likes to sleep in his cot. He will nap in the car but it can take ages for him to fall asleep and then he will only nap for about half an hour, so cot it is. On Thursday I was a bit slow to take him up. I think he's giving me a huge hint.

toddler lying on bottom step looking very sleepy
I'll just sleep here then

So we've had a very busy week. We were going to try out our first messy play but Bears naps fall when they are on. I've ordered some things so we can have messy play at home, I must be mad! I'm hoping the weather will get warmer and we can do them outside. I'll let you know how we get on next week.

Have you tried messy play? I'd love to read your suggestions in the comments.


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