Monday 7 March 2016

One Wedding and Lots of Water

It has been a fantastic week. We started with a wedding. On Monday Aunty S and Uncle J got married. Bear almost stole the show. He was amazing. He waited patiently in the waiting room and didn't seem to recognise me all dressed up and wearing a hat!

Toddler standing to attention dressed smartly for the wedding with waistcoat and bow tie

Then we were ushered into the wedding room and watched the bridesmaids lead Grandad and the bride in. Big lump in my throat!

The ceremony began and the registrar asked if anyone had anything to say to prevent the silence...."dada!" perfect timing and the whole room burst into laughter. It was truly amazing, it had been so tense up to that moment and now we all relaxed and enjoyed the ceremony. What a little star!

bride and page boy at wedding

There is so much I could write about the wedding so I'll do that on another post.

Bear has been a little gem this week. He's finally dropped his morning nap so by lunchtime he's very tired and we have had to bring his lunch forward slightly. The upside is he just crashes for his afternoon nap, no rocking or shhing needed. He doesn't nap for as long as I'd like but he has had a cold and a sore throat so I'm hoping when he feels better he will sleep longer.

Dropping his morning nap is great, it gives us more time to do things together. So we had a play with some home-made play dough. When I made it a few weeks ago he really wasn't interested but now he likes to roll it, cut shapes and eat it! No Bear don't eat it! It's full of salt.

"Mmmm" he says *chew,chew,spit* screwed up face.

toddler sat at table playing with play dough

Bear has also learnt how to stick things to paper. He spread the glue and pushed the paper on. He loved the googly eyes and really didn't want to stick them on, just hold handfuls. I asked him to draw noses on the chicks (I didn't think he'd understand beaks lol) and he had a very good go!

home made card by Bear

As you know he loves playing in the garden and the only way to get him back indoors is to let him wash his hands in the sink. This usually takes ages. He loves to pour things and splash. Then the only way to get him out of the sink is to ask him to spin the plug on the floor. It sounds strange but he can make it spin for ages.

toddler at sink playing with water

toddler at sink playing with running water

toddler with sink strainer in his mouth
This is the spinny thing that should be on the floor not in his mouth!

We spent a lovely morning at Cefn Onn Park. More water to paddle in, streams to play pooh sticks and logs to sit on.

toddler paddling in muddy puddle

toddler paddling in stream

toddler pointing at things in steam next to waterfall

petals floating in water

toddler sat on log

We decided to remove the gate from the front room as we rarely close it and it is a nuisance because Bear likes to bang it against the door. Bear enjoyed helping Grandad to undo the bolts.

toddler standing by baby gate with hands of adult in view

What's new for Bear this week?

New phrase "Oh dear!"

He has put his wellies on by himself at his mummy and daddy's house. He likes them on because it means he can go out to play.

He's changed the way he plays. He now interacts with toys. He had Upsy Daisy and he was "walking" her on the TV unit. He puts the farmer in the tractor, an animal in the back and pushes them for a ride. Previously he would have just thrown them or pushed them too hard.

He's been doing it for a week or so but he will take your hand and drag you to where he wants to play.

We use a wooden metre stick to get things from under furniture, Bear knows where it is kept and will deliberately throw something under the dining room unit just so he can get the ruler to retrieve it.

He likes things to be orderly. The downstairs toilet door must be shut. The gate must be in place on the stairs. It's ironic really because they are there to stop him.

He doesn't have a dummy when he's up but given the choice he would. We sometimes refer to it as "D" now he knows what that is! I think it will be renamed Voldermort :-)

We've had a fantastic week, hope you have too.



  1. Looks like a fantastic week of fun for your grandson. Our tot turns his nose up at most meals but give him some playdough and he's desperate to chow down- what is that??


    1. I know! I'm sure if I left a trail of food on the floor he would eat it all


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