Wednesday 16 March 2016

How to Sow Seeds for Absolute Beginners


We were in the garden, as usual, when I remembered I had some seeds that I needed to sow. Bear loves helping so we did it together. If I can do it with a 17 month old helping it can't be that difficult!

How to Sow Seeds for Absolute Beginners

You will need;

Container eg seed tray, flower pot
Compost (this can be peat free)
A flat piece of wood or similar smaller than your container
A label
Plastic to cover the container

1. Choose your seeds

When you are choosing seeds check the back of the packet to see what conditions the seeds need to germinate. Make sure you have chosen seeds that are suitable to be started in pots as some like to be grown directly in the soil. Generally the bigger the seed then the easier it is to germinate. The Echinacea (Coneflowers) seeds I have chosen will not flower until next year but I'm not in a hurry.

How to Sow Seeds for Absolute Beginners. Back of seed packet detailing sowing instructionsHow-to-Sow-Seeds-for-Absolute-Beginners-text-over-image-of-seed-packet

2. Pick your container and fill with compost.

I used a seed tray but anything that would hold compost and drain water is good. Flower pots, old butter/spread containers (punch few holes in the base). Fill with compost.

Bear prefers the watering can rose than the trowel to fill the tray

3. Water the compost well

This is the best bit!

4. Gently tap the compost so it is firm and flat


5. Draw shallow lines (drills) in the compost.


6. Place the seeds in the drills. 

Space them the recommended distance apart. Growing in lines allows any weeds to be spotted quickly.

Bear carefully places the seeds in the drills...I just do a little adjusting when his back is turned

7. Cover with a thin layer of compost. 

Bear was not happy to just sprinkle some on top. It had to go in the flowerpot first.

8. Label the tray clearly. 

Our seeds came with a label so this was easy.


9. Do not eat the compost no matter how delicious it looks.

Remember! Seeds can have chemicals on them to help them germinate. Always wash hands after handling them. Bear tasted the compost before we opened any seeds.

No children were harmed during the photo shoot

10. Cover the seed tray.

Some seeds like the dark to germinate and others need the light. It will be written on the seed packet. Ours need light so we covered them with a propagator lid but you could use a piece of plastic. Flower pots can be put inside plastic bags and the tops closed with string. If  you don't have a greenhouse place somewhere warm and light. A window sill out of direct sunshine is perfect.


Now all you have to do is wait. Our seeds take 14 to 28 days to germinate. As soon as they are big enough we will transplant them.

Are you growing plants from seeds this year? What have you chosen?




  1. Great tips, I need to start sowing my seeds soon too.

    1. I just hope they grow after tiny hands helping :-)

  2. This is a great post - I was just saying to my husband last week that I needed to start getting into the garden again now Spring has sprung! H x

    1. Thankyou. It certainly is easier to busy when the sun shines

  3. Great tips for beginners and I love how Bear is getting involved! We grew our own veg last year and when it came to harvesting, Toby was old enough to get involved, which he loved!xx

    1. I just love involving children even if it is only picking and eating, and they just love to help.

  4. Oh the photos are just gorgeous! Pickle has been planting with his Grandad too! Kaz x

  5. Oh the photos are just gorgeous! Pickle has been planting with his Grandad too! Kaz x

  6. Great tips and lovely photos! I can't wait to get the garden ready for Summer x

    1. It always seems to take such a long time for summer to arrive...then it's gone in a flash

  7. Great tips. I'm useless as gardening but hubby and Eva love it. I love bears enthusiasm for gardening. Fab photos x

    1. I'm glad Eva loves it too, it's very satisfying :-)

  8. This is a great step by step guide. I love bear's mucky face, my littlest would definitely try to eat the compost. We bought our veggie seeds yesterday and are having some garden maintenance done tomorrow, can't wait to get growing!x

    1. He was so pleased with himself that he had tasted it! We will probably do veg from plants as our garden is so small.

  9. I have never grown plants from seeds, I always just get them when they're half grown already but it looks so easy. The not eating the compost thing made me laugh! So cute x


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