Friday 25 March 2016

A Cardiff Garden In March

Welcome to a Cardiff garden in March. They say that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb and I would normally agree but this year March started settled and warm, then last week it was freezing and today it is glorious sunshine with a weather forecast of wind and rain. I suppose it's because it's Easter and most people have a long weekend.

In the garden this month birds are building their nests, seeds are sprouting and the weeds are trying to take over. We've managed to get out and prune the Hydrangeas and Fuchsias. Lets hope the weather allows us to get out and weed the garden.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts and lets hope April doesn't bring too many showers.

A Cardiff Garden In March Crows nesting in an Oak tree
Crows Nesting in the Oak

A Cardiff Garden In March White magnolia stellata in flower
Magnolia Stellata looking beautiful, next month it will be at it's peak

A Cardiff Garden In March white celandine next to stone path
Wild Anenomes (thanks A Green and Rosie Life

Purple violets in flower
Violets are like a weed, but so pretty

Primulas purple and yellow. pink. Yellow. against a brick wall
Primulas putting on a show

screen full of dark purple flowers and dark green leaves
Lenten Rose in all its glory

stems of bamboo black and white stripes
Bamboo Nigra putting on new shoots. All except one tiny piece died a few years ago. It flowers once in 100 years then it dies.

flower pot with 2 seed sprouting
Sunflower seeds planted by Bear and Grandad

pale blue and white flower in grass
A stray Chinodoxia growing in the lawn.

lots of tadpoles on stone. Water murky and stone green with algy
Tadpoles enjoying the sunshine

Flower pot with pink Bellis and red Primulas looking wonderful in the sun
Bellis and Primulas putting on a show in the sunshine.



  1. I love the blue skies this week (well earlier this week!), it really excites me for the colour that's coming soon. Magnolias are one of my faves this time of year, they always look so impressive, but I fear for them in the winds. I've seen big ones de-bloomed in a morning before - so sad!

    Thanks for joining in agin lovely, it's so nice to see little pops of colour springing up!

    1. Thanks for hosting. I love all the posts, end up reading them all :-)

  2. Gorgeous Pictures! I especially like the tadpoles. I haven't seen tadpoles for such a long time, it has brought back many memories of a time when I was much younger and still growing up.

    1. We are so lucky. We moved the pond when my grandson was born so we could fence it off, and the frogs found it within days.

  3. love the magnolia, it's a shame it flowers for only a short period of time

    1. I know. We have a very small garden so everything has to really work hard to claim a place. This is so beautiful for a few weeks that it is one of my favourites

  4. Oooh - I need to go and see how my tadpoles are doing .... and your wild celendines are in fact wild anemones ;)

    1. Lol! Thankyou. I took photo's of both but the celendine photos were blurred so I used these and my brain didn't work! I will change the caption now :-)

  5. love that second shot with the blue sky. so spring happy!


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