Monday 28 March 2016

A Very Quiet Week. Just Sand and Water

Last week I decided to split my week up into separate posts as I had far too many photo's for one roundup. Then typically,  this week has been very quiet. Bear has been a little poorly with a cough and cold so with the weather being awful we stayed in lots.

Bear had loved playing with rice so I bought a water and sand table that he can have outside when it's warm. As soon as it arrived the weather changed to rain and very cold but he did get into the garden long enough for me to take some photos and post them here.

A Very Quiet Week. Just Sand and Water. toddler playing with sand in a tray on decking

We played with some home made play dough and Bear cut some shapes that we baked as an Easter keepsake for Mummy and Daddy.

A Very Quiet Week. Just Sand and Water A duck and rabbit in yellow dough and finger prints as decorations

We ventured out to the new Wyevale Garden Centre but wan't too impressed with it's lack of parent parking as the normal parking places are so small that it was impossible to get Bear in or out of the car seat. The trolleys only had very small seats too so he had to sit in the trolley. It was freezing so we wrapped him up warm with my scarf as a blanket and socks for gloves! We had a quick look at the tropical fish, which were beautiful and headed back home.

A Very Quiet Week. Just Sand and Water A toddler sat in a shopping trolley covered with a scarf

A Very Quiet Week. Just Sand and Water A toddler watching tropical fish in tanks

Because the weather was so bad Bear played with water in the kitchen and his table in the green house.

A Very Quiet Week. Just Sand and Water A toddler pouring water from a watering can onto a watermill standing in a  blue tray

What's new this week?

Beer, beer, beer! Bear said this all day on Thursday and we were stumped why he had chosen this as his new word until Mummy told us that in his favourite book "The tiger that came to dinner" the tiger drinks all of the daddy's beer. I really must read this book.

Lots of new words and phrases and repeating everything he hears!

C'est la vie (he actually said this, copied Grandad)
thank you
All wet

Most annoying habit? Pointing and grunting at something. It's our own fault as Grandad and I just give him whatever he points at just to stop the noise. We must try harder next week to teach Bear to ask nicely, "more" or "please" would be great.

Oh and it was my birthday, so Grandad took me to Aberystwyth for the weekend. It really was a great weekend especially as the weather wasn't quite as bad as the forecasts. Storm Katie went further south east.

Yellow and red roses with some babies breath.
Birthday flowers

 Aberystwyth seafront
Aberystwyth seafront

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and didn't eat too much chocolate. Did anyone get affected by Storm Katie?



  1. When my boys were little, a trip to the local garden centre to look at the fishies was a regular rainy day pastime, LOL!!

    1. I wish I'd thought of it before. He loved them.


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