Monday 22 January 2018

Our Weekly Journal - Soft Play and Colds

Our Weekly Journal - Soft Play and Colds

Another short and late post as we have all had colds (flu?) here. Bad chests, nausea, achy limbs, sore throats - in fact so much I won't bore you with the details. Needless to say I have spent most of it on the sofa or in bed.

Bear was quite poorly last week too but seems to be getting through it now. He is still loving Welsh school so that is good news.

On Tuesday we popped around Bears house while he was at school and Grandad took Mummy to look at a new pram for Bee. I stayed in and had lots of baby cuddles with Bee.


We collected Bear from school and took him to our house. He has invented a new game. I have to be one of the cars (usually a very small red one he doesn't like to play with) and he is everything else. I have to talk as if I am the car, to his vehicles.

OK, it may be great for his imagination but after an hour or so it is sooo boring for me. I try to persuade him to do puzzles, let me read to him, drawing, painting anything but the car game! But no, it's his favourite game at the moment.


Bear finishes school at 11.30, so we decided on Wednesday we would have a picnic in the car (it was freezing!). We wanted to try a soft play we hadn't visited before and knew if we went home for lunch first it would be hours before we would be ready to go out again. Bear was very proud of his "hot dog van" badge he received for being good and helping to put away toys. Look at his face, he's so proud, although his poor lips are sore from his nasty cold.


Ants Inya Pants, is a soft play in Cardiff. It's a bit worn around the edges but so cheap. Adults go free and in term time children cost £3.50. It is small, has a cafe and is very cold so we didn't take our coats off and left Bear in his school jumper. It was very quiet when we were there, maybe when it's busier more people would help warm it up.

The slides are so fast that I struggled to get a photo, you can see my failed attempts below.



At the top - get ready....


Plop! He's down haha!

That's it from us this week, I hope you have all avoided the flu. I can't wait for this to go. I have no energy and the coughing has made my ribs hurt.




  1. I hope you all feel better soon...
    That slide looks fab! It reminds me of our local soft play. x


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