Monday 15 January 2018

Our weekly Review - Cefn Mably Farm Park and a Horse Ride


Our Weekly Review - Cefn Mably Farm Park and a Horse Ride

It's been so busy again this week. Bear started Welsh school on Monday and loved it. He then started coughing badly in the night so Mummy took him to the doctors on Tuesday. He has croup, but just needs a close eye so went back to school. We collected him at 11.30 and brought him home. We didn't want to make his cough worse by letting him out in the cold or running around. He seemed lots better on Wednesday so after school we went to Cefn Mably Farm Park.
Bear refused to eat but we put it down to the distraction of the soft play and the animals. It is a wonderful place to visit on a cold day, there is lots to see and do under cover. They also have pony rides at an extra £2.


Inside there is a cafe and a farm shop. It is reasonably priced but it all adds up. By the time we had paid entrance fee, lunch and pony ride we had spent about £40. It was worth every penny but next time we'll take a picnic to bring the costs down.

Even though Bear must have been feeling poorly he was so well behaved and a natural on the pony. He wasn't at all afraid and did everything he was asked to do. I think he'd love riding lessons.




Then on Thursday Bear was really poorly so Mummy had to cancel her driving lesson and take Bear back to the doctors. He has a very sore throat (hence not eating) and discharge from one of his ears. The nurse prescribed penicillin but Bear refused point blank to take it. After lots of insisting and bribery he took a dose and then vomited it up all over me.

We left Mummy to cope as we were off to the Cotswolds for the weekend to celebrate Grandads birthday.

It was very foggy when we left on Friday but it stayed dry. It was bitterly cold and by Saturday afternoon I felt awful. I was getting Bears cold (or is it flu?)

A foggy Severn Bridge

The Sheep on Sheep Street, Stow on the Wold

We had a lovely few days, eating too much and drinking too much. I was glad to get home though as I was feeling worse as the time went on. I know children have to gain immunity from all these common bugs but I wish they didn't come so often. We missed his flu vaccination as he was really poorly when it was due. He just doesn't seem to have a break.

I hope you are all well, just a short one this week as I will be posting a couple of posts later about our stay in the Cotswolds.



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