Sunday 7 January 2018

How To Stay Warm This Winter on a Budget


How To Stay Warm This Winter on a Budget

Oh my goodness it's cold out there! It may look lovely and sunny but my thermometer is reading 5 degrees and with that wind it feels so much colder. It's nice to be tucked up indoors although I remember the year when our boiler broke. It was the coldest week of the year and we had a huge hole in the side of the house. It certainly made me think about how to keep warm without stress and running up huge bills.

This year I'm teaming* up with Contact Numbers UK to help promote their #WinterHeatingHelp campaign.

British Gas have a number of ways to help keep cosy this winter with smart meters, "Hive" active heating systems and flexible tariffs. When it comes to boilers, you don't need to be a customer to contact British Gas for support. They offer it to all!

Not everything needs to cost more. Here are some of my favourite tips.

Top tips to stay warm without breaking the bank

Dress warmly

It goes without saying that the first thing you should do is add an extra layer. Layers keep you warmer and two or three tops are better than one thick top as they trap the air. If it's particularly cold then add thermals. "Long Johns" and thermal vests are designed to keep you warm when exposed to the elements. Many are made from breathable fabric so are comfortable too.

Eliminate draughts

Even in a warm, centrally heated homes, draughts can make certain places feel very cold so shut doors and fix windows. Check your windows, even a small gap where a window doesn't close properly can cause draughts. If you can't get the window fixed then tape plastic sheeting over the gap. Even a towel or something similar pushed into the gap will stop the draughts.

Hang curtains at windows and external doors

Hanging thick curtains can keep in so much warmth. We have thick full length curtains at the French doors and even though they are modern and double glazed, pulling the curtains makes a huge difference. Just make sure that if you have radiators under your windows that you do not cover them, see my tips on radiators below.

Maximise your radiators

Behind each radiator put a panel of radiator reflector foil. It will help to reflect the heat into the room and not just warm up the wall behind. Also move any furniture or clothes away from the radiator so the heat can get into the room. If you can afford the outlay then fix thermostatic radiator valves. Then you can heat each room to the optimum temperature.

Use Hot Water Bottles

When I was little ice used to form on the inside of our windows. We didn't have central heating, in fact we only had a fire in the main living room so we all went to bed with hot water bottles. We would put them in our beds half an hour before going to bed making it all warm and cosy. Now you can buy wheat bags that heat up in the microwave and they are perfect for that extra bit of warmth.

Wear slippers and use throws

This is my favourite. I have lovely washable faux sheepskin slippers. they are so soft and warm. I also have a furry throw which I love to snuggle under when watching TV.

It's always a good idea to speak direct to energy suppliers to get the best rate. Why not contact British Gas today to see what they can offer?

Contact Numbers UK have a vast directory of customer service contact numbers that cover a variety of different industries. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

What is your favourite tip for keeping warm?

*In collaboration with Contact Numbers UK


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